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Emerge Into The Royal Delight Of Burmese Festivals

Are you interested in spending your holidays in one of the wonders of South East Asia? South East Asia is one such attractive destination that increases the inner urge of travelers to pay a visit. Myanmar, one of the marvelous countries of South East Asia is extremely famous as it comprises of some breathtaking natural views that make these place more addictive.

Royal Delight Of Burmese Festivals

 A large number of tourists can be spotted in this destination every year. This place also comprises of some sizzling exotic beaches that you definitely can’t afford to miss. You can also visit the shimmering temples as well as the pagodas of this place and offer you prayers.

A large number of companies are available that comprises of some skilled and knowledgeable Myanmar Travel Agents that work effectively to plan a customized trip for you at Myanmar. Opt for the services of one such company to witness the major highlights of Myanmar with enough comfort and ease.

The Festivals of Myanmar

If you love festivals then it is a must for you to visit this place as a number of wonderful festivals are celebrated in different seasons in this nation. Here are some points that will help you to gain some knowledge regarding the cultures and the different festivals of this country:

Thingyan Festival

This is a famous festival of Myanmar celebrated in the month of April. Also considered as the New Year of Myanmar, this is one of the famous festivals of Myanmar that generally lasts for a number of days. One unique activity of this festival is water throwing. You can generally find the older people visiting the temples to offer their prayers.

Kason Festival

Celebrated in the month of May, this festival represents the sacred birthday of Buddha along with his death day and the day when he achieved Enlightenment. Kason is generally celebrated on the day of full moon. In this festival, the Burmese people generally visit the pagodas in order to pour water on the sacred trees named Bo where Lord Buddha is believed to attain Enlightenment.

Waso Festival

This famous festival is celebrated in the month of July and the major purpose of this festival is to commemorate Lord Buddha’s sermon. New robes, as well as other materials of their requirements, are given to the monks during this celebration.

Thadingyut Festival

Celebrated in the month of October, specifically on a day with a full moon, this festival generally lasts for maximum three days and during this period; the houses, as well as the streets, are beautifully decorated with flashy lights. People generally visit the nearby pagodas to offer their prayers and the young people are asked to pay homage in this festival to the elders, parents as well as their teachers.

If you are eager to witness these festivals with your own eyes and emerge in the wonderful rituals of Myanmar, consider hiring a reputed Myanmar Travel Tour operator who provides myriad of services at reliable rates.

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