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Postcards From Mussoorie – Things You Didn’t Know About The Queen Of Hills

If anyone were to make a list of some the most beautiful hill stations in India, Mussoorie cannot be left out. Fondly known as the “Queen of Hills”, it offers some breath-taking views of the Shivalik ranges and the Doon Valley. Delhi being the closest metro city to Dehradun, one can undertake this trip by train or by road and then travel onwards from there if going from Delhi to Mussoorie. Nestled at about 35 km from Dehradun, it’s a scenic journey by road that takes from 45 minutes to one hour.

Given its popularity and ease of access, Mussoorie does tend to get over-crowded and touristy. However, one can still find places to visit in Mussoorie which are slightly off the beaten path.


The picture postcard town of Landour is a short but steep drive from Mussoorie. Apart from hoping for a chance encounter with well-known author Ruskin Bond, one can truly experience the silence and tranquillity of the hills in thispicturesque town. Exploring Landour on foot is the best way to soak yourself in its beauty.

Landour, Mussorie, Utharakhand by Paul Hamilton

Jharpani Falls:

While the well-known Kempty Falls are extremely popular with tourists and locals alike, where they can be found taking a dip in its rushing waters; one must venture up to the lesser known but equally magnificent Jharpani Falls. The abundance of colourful wild flowers along with the enchanting views of the valley and fields, make this a perfect spot for a picnic.

Jharpani Falls, Mussoorie, Utharakhand by Wikipedia
Jharpani Falls, Mussoorie, Utharakhand by Wikipedia

Walking to Gun Hill:

Instead of taking the ropeway ride up to Gun Hill as most tourists do, one can try the more invigorating experience of walking up to this peak. The not-so-difficult walk is made even more pleasurable as you encounter the many species of flowers on the way. In today’s time, the experience of that walk is almost better than the view from the top!

Gun Hill, Mussoorie, Utharakhand by Wikipedia
Gun Hill, Mussoorie, Utharakhand by Wikipedia

Trekking to Nag Tibba Peak:

For the trekker’s soul, the relatively unknown trail of Nag Tibba is an absolute delight. It’s a two day trek which includes walking through a forest, climbing up to 10,000 feet and for the true lovers of nature, perhaps camping under the starlight night sky. Nag Tibba is known as the Serpent’s Peak and is the highest peak in the Nagtibba range of the Garhwal Himalayas. A major plus point of going up to the Nag Tibba peak is that there are 4 different routes available to reach this peak which one can choose based on one’s stamina, ability and time at hand. The shortest route is from Pantwari village. Another option is to go via Devalsari village but one would need the help of a local guide. Alternatively, this peak can also be reached via Aunter which, though longer, is easier or from Mangalori village which is shorter but steeper.

Nag Tibba Peak, MussoorieUtharakhand by Paul Hamilton
Nag Tibba Peak, MussoorieUtharakhand by Paul Hamilton

Finally, to enhance the experience, one can choose from a variety of Mussoorie hotels as well that provide a reasonable and comfortable stay.

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