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Etiquettes To Maintain When Meeting The Pretty Escorts In Chislehurst

Meeting an escort can be the best way to unwind yourself and get sexual pleasure as well. So whenever you feel bored or alone then you can ask these beautiful and attractive ladies at your place or at any other place to spend some quality time with you. But when you are meeting the escorts then you must maintain a few etiquettes that can so that the meeting can be more pleasurable and enjoyable too for both of you. These etiquettes can also help you to safeguard your interest and eradicate any kind of hassles as well. so when meeting an escort for the first time then make sure that you and she are also abiding all these things properly.


Cleanliness and hygiene

Escorts in Chislehurst are aware of the customers’ need as it is their job to make sure that their customers will enjoy the time while with them. Thus they always strive to meet all the requirements of their clients with their best efforts. That is why it’s the health and hygiene that comes first in their routine. They always take care of the cleanliness and hygiene part so that there will be no embarrassing situation. but it is not the sole responsibility of the escorts to maintain the same rather the clients should also take care of this basic etiquette and do whatever need to in order to keep hygienic.

Safety and health

Health and safety are the two most primary concerns that need to be taken care of while meeting an escort. Thus it is the duty of every client that whether they are having any major ailments or smaller one they should inform the escort about the same before the meeting. This basic etiquette must be maintained in order to get rid of any chances of trouble in future. Brushing the teeth and having a shower before the meeting, wearing clean clothes are some of them that have to be maintained.

Outcall and Incall

When you are hiring an escort then decide first that what should be the meeting point, if it is her place then it will be an incall. If you prefer to meet her in your home or hotel or any other places like restaurant or pub then it will be treated as an outcall. If you are inviting her to your place then make sure that the place is a friendly neighbourhood and there is no other person other than you and in any case, you want more than one person in there then you must inform her beforehand about the same.


If you see that the lady is meeting all your expectations or at least trying to meet your demands with her best efforts then it is the best idea to tip her at the time of leaving.


If you are genuinely satisfied with the service catered by the escorts in Chislehurst then you can always opt to give a feedback on their services so that when other clients will select her they can check out the same and can decide based on that.

With these basic etiquettes, you can make your meeting a pleasant one and will be able to enjoy throughout. So don’t forget to maintain the same while you are meeting a beautiful escort of your choice.

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