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5 Ideas On 2016 Wedding Trends

A new year comes with new wedding trends. If you are interested in planning a wedding or if you will be helping with the planning of a wedding, knowing the trends is important. Sometimes trends can help you pick out what you will want for your own wedding. Here are five of the top wedding trends for the year 2016 to look at. Wedding Trends

Long tables for receptions

Previously, receptions featured many round tables within a room and one larger table for the wedding party. For 2016, couples are moving away from the round table idea and are instead having a long table for guests. This makes decorating easier for couples. It also makes it easier for the wait staff to serve, rather than having to maneuver between many round tables. Many guests are also loving the ability to socialize with more people than they would get the chance, as a round table.

Less flowers

Before, a wedding meant having many flowers everywhere. There used to be flowers for the bride and all of the bridesmaids, flowers on the pocket of each tuxedo, flowers on the seats decorations, and flowers all over the tables as the decoration. For 2016, people are moving away from flowers and moving towards other types of decorations. Decor such as baubles, glitter, fruits, and more are being used. This is appealing to many brides, as these decorations can be cheaper than flowers. These decorations are also more ecofriendly as they can be recycled and reused, unlike fresh flowers.

Wide, open spaces

Gone are the days of just choosing to get married inside of a church and having a wedding reception inside of a restaurant or a recreational space. Most people are now having weddings and receptions in nice, open green spaces. This provides a natural romantic backdrop to a wedding for those who are located near forests or mountains. Being outside also means that you do not have to slim down the list of who to invite. You can find out more about open wedding spaces, then choose whether you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony.

Dessert bars

Long gone are the days that offered only a wedding cake at the end of the meal. Many couples are having a wedding cake, along with a dessert bar at their wedding. The dessert can be many different things to try from fruit and cheese plates, to macaroons, to a number of candies and cupcakes that all of your guests will have the option to try.

Bohemian vibes

While some people will always appreciate the black tie, upscale wedding, there are many people who are going for more bohemian vibes for their wedding ceremony. This is leading to looser, flowing wedding dresses, more relaxed attire for the wedding party, and a “less is more” vibe for wedding decorations other than the natural decor of the outdoors. Weddings that are more laid back in style and aura are becoming more popular in the year 2016.

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