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Different Cuts For Different Folks

There are many ways to achieve the hair that you want. Stylists are masters of different hair cutting techniques that can cater to different hair types and preferences. While stylists are all experienced in hair styling, they typically use professional terminology, when explaining their ideas to those of us who may not understand. They are aware that there are many methods of hair cutting that can obtain varying results. These techniques are used by hairdressers on specific types of hair while others are never considered. While these techniques are commonly unknown to the uninitiated, they are frequently used to make hairstyles more appealing and cutting edge, so it is important to understand what type of cutting method creates a specific look. Listed below are some of the most common techniques used by stylists to create the styles well-loved by everyone.

Celebrity hair in Beverly Hills

Slide Cuts

This is a technique that not only softens facial features, but adds texture while ridding hair of its weight. This cutting technique is used for curly hair. More often than straight hair, curly hair requires definition and will easily become messy. Side cutting allows curls to appear neat and managed. Curly hair is typically thick and voluminous, depending upon the size of the curls. Those with fine hair should not get this type of cut performed.

Razor Cuts

This is a common technique for a trendier type of style. Similar to slide cutting, it takes some of the weight off of thick hair and adds a bounciness to curls. Straight and curly styles will benefit from this technique, and a wide range of looks can be achieved here. Razor cutting will also add new dimensions to any cut and a general softness to facial features. This is a popular cutting choice for people with straight hair who are looking for an edgier and layers “emo” style as well.

Point Cuts

Point cutting aims to soften sharp haircuts and is used for all types of hair. Whether fine or thick, it is one of the most common hair cutting techniques along with layering. While point cutting does not focus on decreasing the overall weight of thick hair, it may be used to soften up angled bangs or bobs that are too brash for the preferred style of the patron. This is commonly used to soften shorter hairstyles, no matter if for fine or thick hair.


While this won’t deliver the most well defined of tresses, it will certainly add a texture to hair that is not only unique, but multi-dinmensional. The stylist will put their scissors through the hair as it is cut, creating feathered result that looks great on longer styles. Short hair can also benefit, but the real appeal of feathering lies in the length of hair and its alternating textures due to this technique.

There are a number of salons which provides services regarding cutting and refurbishing Celebrity hair in Beverly Hills.

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