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Hairstyle pictures for hairdressers

Go to the barber: an activity that almost every woman surely do at least once a year. Usually to trim only the dots but sometimes to take. Complete new hairstyle For a completely new hairstyle many people get inspiration from books and celebs. At every salon is like a photo album with various hairstyles that are trendy, whom she does not know While you wait for your haircut you browse through the books at the hairdresser. Will the books up-to-date. Depending on how modern the hairdresser’s Sometimes not at all! But eh, what do you have to look out for when you choose a hairstyle? Let me give you some tips!

90% of the ‘haircuts’ have to do with styling

I can not say it enough. I want to scream when people show a picture of a celeb and to say that they want as their hair cut. Above you see an example. You have left the hairstyle, you want the hairstyle right. If only it were that such a party as a hairdresser could make it would be forever. Curler-perfect wavy your hair suddenly Well, it can be done with a perm, only this is very bad for your hair and is hardly done. Look closely at the hairstyle that you have in mind. Is this really a special haircut “or is it simply styling?

Here you see four pictures of Jennifer Lopez as an example. With each picture for me is the pure to the styling of it. There’s hours of work into hair. In the third you might get a nice medium length hairstyle and it looks like this on the first day, when you wash it again falls back into a simple ‘short haircut’ when you yourself do not do anything with it. So look for hairstyles that are not styled, the type that would suit your own hair as you would not style it.

Many ‘perfect’ hairstyles include extensions

How often we see not perfect curl pictures passing? I’m mad at myself! Unfortunately most pictures hairstyles with a lot of extensions. Beautiful, but your stylist for a haircut can not spontaneously create more hair. Well, unless you take over extensions.

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