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Wow Your Wife With a Big Gift – How to Buy Her Jewelry She’ll Love

Whether it’s your anniversary, her birthday, or no reason, women love jewelry. Buying jewelry for your wife is usually a pretty safe bet if you’re not quite sure what else to get her. If the jewelry counter is confusing and overwhelming and you have no idea what that special lady, here are some great tips.


Gets her figures: No! Not numbers! Hopefully, for she is your wife you have her phone number. What you should buy can not, her ring size. Knowing your ring size woman is a big deal. If your embarrassed or afraid to ask what her ring size is, try her secretly borrow a ring that you know fits her and take it with you to the jewelers, so they can size it for you. If there is no way you get near one of her rings, without knowing her, try asking her family and friends for help.

Knows what she wants: Unfortunately for you, jewelry is not a cut and dry thing where you can just walk in grab something out? There are different types of metals (gold, silver, white gold), different cuts of diamonds (princess, pear, heart), and different stones (diamonds, rubies, emeralds). When you and your wife are out running errands let her peruse the jewelry cases and take what they want knowledge. Another great way to get what she wants out is to take a look at the jewelry she already has.

What is the Opportunity: If you’re buying for a birthday jewelry, you might want to use to help you pick out your gift. Each birthday is associated with a type of stone or metal. For example, if you are married for 25 years, it is customary to give silver. If you are unsure ask your local jeweler to help if you check online for a list of symbolic anniversary stone. Not only will this help you make your decision, but it will show your wife that you really put some thought into her gift.

What’s Trendy: Even if we often do not admit women as trendy things. Like clothing trends change, to do jewelry trends. Take note of what women wear in your office, in the café, or in line at the supermarket. Knowledge If you’re still not sure, ask some friends about what’s hot and what’s not in jewelry today.

Are Classic: Although trends come and go, classic jewelry can last for a lifetime. Things like pearl necklaces, diamond earrings, tennis bracelets and rings Claddagh (which Irish rings with the hands, heart and crown) will always be in style in one way or another. They are also a lot of accessories for a night out on the town or even renew your vows a ceremony.

It’s the thought that counts: Although not always true, as long as you choose something sensible, your wife will love what you have chosen. To be sure, stay away from jewelry that is super cheap or extremely eccentric, off unless you know they will like.

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