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Flying High With Amazing Shots!

Jessica Sarkisian is not only a pilot but she is an avid aerial photographer capturing stunning shots of diverse subjects wherever she goes.  Being a pilot by profession does have a grueling schedule but Jessica loves flying. Her profession is her passion and it also gives her the chance to take in some amazing aerial views that she can capture in her photographs.

Jessica Sarkisian

Jessica says that if you wish to become an aerial photographer, you should first assess your skills, personality traits and interests. Since she loves flying, taking pictures comes naturally to her. She has a keen eye for photography and passion for capturing whatever catches her fancy.

Jessica Sarkisian is used to flying and never faces discomfort when in air. She is comfortable in aircraft and this helps her to take some amazing shots. Being an aerial photographer has its limitations as you are sitting in an aircraft and capturing shots. She says that being skilled in digital photography editing helps you to manage the quality of the photos that you capture. Manual dexterity and good eye vision is mandatory for you to capture excellent shots. At the same time you should also be patient before you become an established aerial photographer.

Now, the vital question Jessica is often asked is – do you need to have professional qualifications to become an aerial photographer?  Jessica says that you do not however if you are qualified that is of course an added bonus. There are training institutions that teach you the skills on aerial photography and with them you effectively are able to pick up tips and tricks for getting the perfect shot.

However, at the same time, if you are not qualified or trained to be an aerial photographer, you do not have to worry about that at all. You just need to have the passion and a good understanding of both basic and advanced photographic skills. There are some short-term training workshops and seminars that are conducted for aerial photographers and if you want you may attend them to get inputs and ideas.

When you are up in the air, you should be confident and adaptable too. This will help you capture subjects better. In the beginning, you may not capture pictures up to your expectations but with practice, you will find a vast improvement in the quality and resolution of your pictures. Jessica also says that like all photographers, you should be creative and original. The frame and the angle of the subject or topic should be taken accurately. The equipment you use also plays a vital role in the quality of the photographs that you take. She recommends aspiring aerial photographers to first become an expert in the photographic equipment they intend to take up in the skies when capturing pictures in the air.

Jessica Sarkisian is indeed a multi-talented woman when it comes to flying aircrafts and taking photographs in it. She enjoys every moment of her passion and this virtue of hers is reflected in the moments she captures with her camera!

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