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How About The Family Games To Play On Wedding?

Wedding is a special event for the couple about to tie the knot. At the same time, it is equally important for the guests who attend it. As a matter of fact, selection of family games to play on wedding becomes important. Such games offer an opportunity to spend some quality time among the family members who have perhaps come to see after a long time.

family games to play on wedding

However, the crux of selecting the family games to play on wedding is that you have to essentially choose games that are appealing to everyone or at least a majority of the family members. Else, the purpose of the family games on wedding will go waste. In short, you should ideally keep a few things in mind such as the following while choosing the games.

  • Average age group: This may come as a surprise to you especially when you have not care for it before. But, the average age group of the family members participating in a wedding event does play an important role. For instance, middle-aged and above members will presumably skip events and games that involve a lot of moving around or physical activities.
  • Male and female members: There are some distinct games that are preferred by males over females and the vice versa typically those that involve physical activities rather than simple wits. Actually, you have to make a conscious decision on games to play on wedding.  
  • Taste and preferences: Like the five fingers of your hand, not all the members of your family will have the same taste and preferences. In fact, there can barely be uniformity here. However, you cannot select innumerable games to play on the occasion. Hence, know the taste and preferences of your family members in advance on the wedding games and then, go by the rule of the majority. It will make your life easy for sure.
  • Average intelligence: Some games demand intelligence and prowess. For instance, playing chess may not be the passion of everyone as it asks for a swift and critical decision making capacity. Hence, a ballpark knowledge on the education background of the family members attending the wedding works as a saviour here in the matter of games selection on the wedding.     

However, you may have certain priorities while selecting family games to play on wedding. Overall, we find the following games popular for the occasion of wedding.

  • Giant Jenga: People find this interesting as it challenges their ability to stack bricks without tumbling the pies.
  • Drinking games: It takes you back to the nostalgic period of your college days and asks you to involve in drinking. It is generally seen as a suitable game for the after party activities.
  • Shoe game: Here, signs of bride and groom are shown and the family members are to guess them correctly.

These games are seen as new age games. However, games like the bouquet and garter toss and ringing a bell for kiss are construed as the traditional games. In fact, there are plenty to explore here.  

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