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Fun Ways To Promote Your Pub

Promoting your pub’s menus, events and special offers to customers at tables is an efficient way to get your message across. There is a range of ways to communicate to your captive customers, from menu holders to table talkers and other creative ways to display your menus.

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Advertising Your Food and Drinks Menu

Keeping a list within easy reach or directly in front of your patrons not only helps to improve ordering efficiency, but it can also entice them to order more food as they continue to drink, or order a couple of different dishes to try. Here are some fun ways to display your menus:

  • Wooden holders. These usually come in A4 and A5 sizes and can be simple wooden blocks that you can slot your menu into, or larger, tiered holders that can hold various food and drinks menus, special offer notices and more. Click here for restaurant menu holders for your establishment.
  • Wooden clipboards. Wooden and table top clipboards are a low cost, convenient way to display menus that are printed on cards or paper.
  • Wooden pockets. If your bar top or table space is limited, a wall mounted holder is a great solution. These holders come in sizes varying from DL to A3 and can hold multiple menus.
  • Perspex table talkers. Acrylic table talkers that are free standing and can hold double-sided paper or card inserts are a quick and easy way to display your promotional advertisements on bar counters and tables.
  • Acrylic holders. These are easy to clean and are available in a range of sizes.

Don’t Know What to Say with Your Table Talker?

Both table talkers and menu holders offer a unique way to talk to your customers. Here are some ideas for what to say:

  • Have some fun – insert a humorous message, inspirational quote, strange fact or a bit of local knowledge
  • Draw attention to your craft beer offering, wine tasting evenings or your next curry night
  • Highlight special meal offers, like kids eat free, happy hour or senior’s discounts
  • Announce bookings for special occasions, including wedding receptions, birthdays and retirement parties
  • Use images of your delicious desserts to entice customers to order an extra course
  • Promote your latest events, such as live music, quiz night or bingo

When it comes to menu holders and table talkers, the important thing to remember is that you are trying to communicate with your loyal patrons. Keep it friendly and simple and, if you can, inject a little personality. You want to avoid being too salesy.

If you really want to maximise the effectiveness of your holders, make your messages interesting. Either create effective designs yourself, or hire the services of a designer. Use colours, images and attention-grabbing text. Don’t let your messages stagnate. Update your messages and designs regularly to keep people reading and paying attention. Aim to tailor the look and feel of the content you provide your customers. Remember to cover the basics, such as appealing to kids or making sure senior customers can see the text.

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