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Reasons To Go For A Fixed IP Sim Card

IP stands for Internet Protocol and it serves as a unique identification code assigned to your number by the service provider. Your IP address is crucial because it helps in the identification of your system or device. Usually the IP address remains static till the time you are connected with the network continuously. In case the connection breaks due to any reason, such as the device gets switched off or goes into roaming, then the IP address is likely to change as well. However, a convenient solution to this problem is available in the form of fixed or dynamic IP. The trend of fixed IP address is catching up fast these days, primarily due        to the convenience it offers.

Fixed IP Sim Card

Fixed or static IP address can be defined as permanent address. This makes communication easier, without any restrictions regarding the device or its location. If you own a business and need to travel frequently but want to stay connected all the time without any interruptions then fixed IP sim card can prove to be of great use. Besides this the benefits of using a sim card with static IP are many.

Losing network connection is a common scenario which can cause immense interruptions in your workflow, especially if you are accessing it through your phone. Communication also becomes inconvenient, as IP address of your device will change every time the connection gets interrupted. This problem can be avoided by getting a fixed IP address. This will ensure that whenever you enter or exit a network, your IP address does not change and it will in turn not affect your communication.

VoIP calls are highly common, especially in case of business world. Affordable and quick, VoIP calls are made over the internet network instead of phone line. The calls you make through Facetime or Skype are some good examples. Making these calls is only possible when you have an IP address and having a static or fixed IP is even better, as then you can enjoy better quality and connectivity during these calls.

Downtime is a big problem faced by professionals, which can lead to considerable loss of data and time. This problem usually occurs in case of a dynamic IP address, because whenever the connection will get lost and reconnect, the IP needs to refresh. It might be for a short duration only, but its impact can be huge. Thus, if you want a stable and reliable connection than a static IP is a must as it is free from the hassle of reconnecting and refreshing.

The benefits of fixed IP sim card are many, for both personal and professional use. While most of the tasks online can be performed using a dynamic IP address as well, a static IP is more preferred due to the convenience and ease it brings along. It lets you enjoy an interrupted connection, thus making it easier to communicate, share files and stay online. It is worth mentioning here that all the service providers might not be offering static IP sim cards and the user might have to request for the same in order to get one.

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