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Professional Garment Printing Services – What Makes A Great Vendor?

These days, finding a professional printing house that’s ready and willing to print a million and one different garments for any imaginable purpose is as easy as carrying out a single web search. In a split-second, you’ll be returned with at least a hundred different providers of which every last one claims to be offering the very best quality output at the lowest possible prices, which on the surface appears to make life pretty easy for the shopper.


Unfortunately, as is the case with so many online services these days it’s a case of ‘results may vary’ being taken to quite the extreme. The simple fact of the matter in this instance is that really any person with a couple of cheap printers and a WordPress website can pretend to be a world-class printing firm, when in reality you’d come up with better results with your own printer at home. According to the professionals at, it’s never been more important to invest a little cunning and savvy into the selection process in order to avoid falling foul of those that really have no business doing what they’re doing.

So, in terms of finding the very best printing partner on the market, what exactly should you be looking out for?

Professional Appearance

Well, right off the bat it should be pretty easy to determine with a quick look over their website how professional or otherwise they are. It’s never been easier to identify an amateurish website when held in comparison to a genuinely professional web portal, so in this instance it’s a case of letting your gut be your guide. From examples of their work to general talk and information about the line of work they’re in, any signs that they’re a professional brand at the height of their game should be looked for and factored in.

Range of Services

When a professional printing house sets up with the intention of becoming a key industry player, it’s almost unheard of for them to stick like glue to one type of printing or one printing service alone. Even if garment printing is their speciality, chances are they will offer various types of garment printing using a variety of different approaches. As such, it can be in the best interests of the prospective client to take a brief look into the services being offered and establish whether there’s enough evidence there of wide-reaching talents and professionalism.

Samples and Examples

To buy anything from a website that doesn’t provide images of the brand’s actual work is a little like going into a shop that operates in pitch darkness. You may be told what’s on offer, but you cannot actually see it for yourself and therefore have nothing but the word of the vendor to go on…not exactly reassuring. As such, when looking to buy any printed garments or printing services online, you should be on the lookout for examples of the brand’s work in the form of a recent portfolio. And what’s more, if you’re looking to order a rather large quantity of items, it goes without saying that they should be willing to provide samples prior to going ahead with the main order.

Price Promises

It may sound like a rather cliché point to bring up, but is an important point nonetheless. These days, there’s really only one explanation as to why any vendor in any industry area would be unwilling to offer a full price guarantee on every product and service offered – there’s a better deal to be found elsewhere. This is especially true with web vendors for whom competition has never been more fierce, so in the case of sourcing garment printing services it’s really not too much to ask for low prices to be not only offered, but backed by a rock-solid guarantee in writing.


The vast majority of online retailers and service providers use the open nature of the web to their advantage, by listing the feedback of their satisfied customers on their own website. In some cases however, there are those that would rather keep the voice of the people hidden away behind the scenes for the simple reason that it hardly paints the most positive picture of them. As such, if for any reason you don’t have immediate access to feedback via the website of the provider you’re looking into, it’s a good idea to carry out a web search or two to find out what’s being said by past and present customers.

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