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A Florist’s Guide For Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

There are plenty of things to consider when planning your wedding flowers, wedding theme and your budget. A good floral designer, who is professional and well-experienced in wedding flowers, will help you select the flowers that suit you and perfect for your wedding.


At minimum, you will require to order a bridal bouquet, in addition to bouquets for the attendees, corsages for the mothers, boutonnieres for groomsmen, fathers and the groom with the centerpieces for the reception area. But, the first step would be to find a florist who is able to provide same day flowers, you know, just in case of an emergency and the one who will get the job done right.

The Importance of Flowers

Flowers are the most important visual aspects of your wedding day among all the things. It should compliment, but not overpower your wedding dress or the attendant’s dresses. From the groomsmen’s buttonholes, reception flowers, flowers at the ceremony to the bride’s bouquet, flowers can create a fragrant and colorful impact on your wedding.

Working on The Budget

Flowers are one of the centers of attention on your wedding and regardless of whether you’re planning a small or large wedding ceremony, the flower must be on the top of your priority list. An experienced flower specialist can suggest innovative and creative ideas to give you the most impact for your budget.

For the brides who are planning on small ceremony, flowers which are in season at the time of your wedding will be more affordable than the imported and exotic flowers. A large arrangement at your wedding reception will provide better visual impact than small ones.

How You Should Choose Your Floral Designer

It is essential that you select a professional florist to create your wedding day flowers, especially if you want a visual impact and arrangements to last longer. Talk with 3-4 florists and select the one who understands the style and look of the flower arrangements that you have in your mind. Ask to see their portfolio or photographs of their previous work that they have done. Remember, not every florists are wedding specialists or floral designers.

Choosing Your Side

It is important that the style and color of the flower complements your gown/dress. There are plenty of bouquet types that could suit you, your dress/gown as well as the theme of your wedding.

For instance, A designer bunch funky and bright looking with a foliage and exotic blooms, sometimes incorporating with seed pods, fruits and berries.

The Formal Bunch – this style generally comprises of one flower type like tulips, calla lilies or oriental lilies.

Sophisticated Elegant Posy – A posy of cymbidium or orchids, phalaenopsis or frangipani orchids formed with a ribbon bound handle incorporating pearls or crystals to co-ordinate with your wedding gown.

Holding Your Bouquet

Not each bouquet has right way up, so make sure that your flower specialist shows you how to hold it. If your florist personally comes to deliver the bouquets that you ordered, make sure that she/he shows you and your attendants how to hold the bouquets right.

Consider placing a pearl headed pin at the bottom, this will tell you by the feel that whether you’re holding it correctly or not.

Some Extras For You To Consider

Throw bouquet – if you want to throw bouquet when leaving the reception, you should ask your florist to make similar and small bouquet from the same flowers for throwing purpose. This is important if you’re going  to preserve your bouquet.

Preserving your bouquet – if you want to preserve your bouquet, arrange it in advance with your florist and confirm that the flowers that you selected will preserve well and are suitable.

Thank You bouquet – if you want bouquets to be delivered the next day to your new mother-in law, your mother and your friends who’ve been a great help for planning and wedding arrangements.

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