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5 Tips To Consider When Building Your First Home Gym

You don’t have to be a fitness guru to build your first home gym. One reason why many Australian fitness enthusiasts shy away from the idea of having their own fitness gym in their house is that they reckon that it is a complicated task. However, the truth is, you can have your own gym even if you’re a beginner.


Pump Up Your Enthusiasm: Discussing the Benefits 

In order for you to further motivate yourself into building your own fitness room, you should know the various benefits of having one. Listed below are some of the proven benefits of having a gym room in your home.

No more expensive gym fees – Commercial gyms may charge you with costly fees, and that’s bad news if you don’t have ridiculous amount of money. This problem is quickly solved if you have your own gym at home – there are no monthly fees or annual membership fees. The equipment you will buy can serve you from two to five years. You also don’t have to spend money on fuel as there’s no need to travel to the gym; just a few steps away, and you’re ready to do your workout.

No more time wasted – Have you ever experienced getting stuck in traffic while going to the gym? It’s stressful and annoying, isn’t it? This is not an issue if you have your own home gym as you don’t have to travel to the commercial gym. Additionally, you don’t have to wait for the equipment to get free – they are all yours to use and abuse. Before or after work or school, you can come home, do your reps and relax. It is convenient, time-efficient, and comfortable.

No more excuses – If you have a home fitness space or room, you don’t have to spend money on expensive gym fees and fuel, and you no longer need to travel to a commercial gym, there are no reason why you shouldn’t do some reps. Because of this, you will be more motivated to do more fitness routines and to stay healthy in general.

Setting Up Your First Fitness Room

If you’re now convinced that a home fitness space is for you, then it is time that you do these steps: 

  1. Get the space you need – You should have a room or space in your house where you can place your equipment and where you can perform your workout routines. Your home’s garage or basement is a safe bet to build your fitness room.
  1. Protect the floor – Before buying gym equipment, it is recommended that you prioritize the interior of the room first. You would want to buy two to three layers of plywood with heavy carpet on top, which will protect the room’s flooring. Rubber mats are also handy as they can protect your floor when you do heavy lifts.
  1. Purchase basic equipment – Since you are just starting, you may want to buy the most basic equipment and machines first, including treadmill, barbells and dumbbells, elliptical trainer, electric or stationary bike, medicine ball, and weight bench. If you have limited budget, you can always buy used equipment online or from a local gym store.
  1. Store the equipment properly – You wouldn’t want to leave your equipment scattered on the floor as it could trip you and injure you. Hence, investing on storage cabinet or shelves is advisable. If you don’t want to buy one, you can also DIY one.
  1. Invite your friends – The good thing about a home gym is that it can be used by your family members and friends as well. Since setting it up by yourself can be a taxing task, you may want to invite your friends who are also fitness enthusiasts. Ask them to help you out in exchange for free use of the room once it is done.

See, setting up your first gym room is not difficult after all. All you have to do is to allocate some budget and time to finish it. Once you’ve already set up your own, the fitness possibilities are endless.

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