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Everything You Need To Know To Become A Traffic Marshal

Traffic Marshal

A traffic marshal is a trained professional who safely directs large moving vehicles around the construction site. They have received training to put themselves in the correct position, and they use different signals and radio communications to guide significant vehicle drivers, especially when their view remains obstructed. They help to prevent accidents on a loading bay or a construction site.

The traffic marshals are an eminent part of the drivers who drive large vehicles, especially cranes and heavy goods vehicles. Apart from being a tough task to move the vehicle, the driver’s position makes it tougher to get a good site. This is why the role of a traffic marshal is so important.

Skills Of A Traffic Marshal

Before you get enrolled for traffic marshal training London, it is important to know whether you have the right skills for doing the job. Some important skills for becoming a traffic marshal would include:

  • Good knowledge about safety and health procedures.
  • Environmentally aware.
  • Attention to detail
  • Assertiveness
  • Good communication skills
  • Having a good level of fitness

Apart from all the knowledge and competence, you must have a valid CSCS green card to become a traffic marshal. You can get it by completing a Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a construction environment. In addition, you would need to pass a 45-minute CITB test. It is also essential to complete a half-day traffic marshal course, after which you would receive a Traffic Marshal Certificate. This is valid for 3 years. You can also go for a refresher traffic marshal training London course yearly to keep up with the updated regulation.

When you start working as a traffic marshal, you will need to receive a risk assessment briefing as part of your daily duty. You would need to use this and your training knowledge to carry out your work tasks. Your responsibilities are:

  • To ensure that there are no obstructions in the path of the vehicles.
  • Keep an eye on the potential causes of accidents on the site.
  • Finally, directing vehicles to the right place.

While directing the heavy vehicles, the traffic marshals must be safe from the vehicle but close enough to drivers. It would ensure that the marshals are visible to them. As a marshall, you would need to keep moving to different positions according to the vehicle so that the driver can see you properly. Thus, you would need to have a good fitness level. Also, during your movement, you must be fully aware of the surroundings so that no people get harmed. Thus, attention to detail and being attentive throughout is very important.

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