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Furniture Shopping To Have The Perfect Open House

A home with outdated furniture can be just as hard to sell as a home with avocado green bath fixtures. The fact is that most people looking to buy a home need a little help envisioning what it could look like with new furnishings, unless you stage the home properly first. For that, you may need the help of an interior designer who has connections with a furniture dealer to provide expert advice on how to get the home looking fabulous in time for the big open house.

Furniture Shopping For Open House

How Furniture Shopping Helps Set You Apart

In a competitive marketplace, you have to learn how to stand apart from that competition. If you schedule an open house and the furnishings are dated, it’s likely to take longer to convince someone the home is a beauty underneath it all. Instead, show them what it will feel like to walk into the house by providing visual and tangible evidence by investing in some new furniture that makes a big statement. 

Pick a Suitable Style – If the house is a ranch, it might make the perfect backdrop for modern or contemporary furnishings. If the previous owner has it gussied up in country charm, that’s going to turn off buyers. Similarly, you don’t want to buy new furnishings that clash with the overall house style.

Create Ambiance and Space – The furnishings are more than just a place to sit. They highlight the strengths of a space and can visually open it up or make it seem smaller. Modern furniture is used to create space in small areas while large antique pieces may make a good statement in larger, older, homes. The layout of the furniture will also determine the traffic patterns and views within the home and have a deep, psychological, impact on a buyer who first steps into the home.

Colors Can Backfire Without Expert Advice – Realtors know the power of color to turn off a prospective buyer. That’s why one tip realtors offer to stage a home is to use a neutral palette. Unless you’re an interior designer who has studied how to carefully pick a red couch for a white space, you want to be very careful on how much color and what types of colors are put into the staging of the home. 

According to Gorman’s, the easiest way to stage a home for sale is to contact and hire an interior designer who can help to bring out the home’s best features for prospective buyers. They will have the expertise on style, layout, and color that are popular with buyers. By hiring a designer, you can get the house staged within budget and right on time for the open house

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