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The 3 Cs Of Successful Mobile App Business Ideas

Developing an app is easy – it is sustaining the app that is the difficult part. And an app will sustain only if it is unique, creative and has high utility. Customers will only use your mobile app only if it is highly useful and helps make their life much simpler. Customers also complain that the new apps that are coming into the market aren’t very useful or inventive and lack the utility and creativity that they are looking for.

Successful Mobile App Business Ideas

Nowadays there are many apps that are cheap rip-offs or copies of an original app like Facebook, Twitter or similar related apps and are turning out to be big failures. An entrepreneur needs to develop his own unique idea something that nobody else has thought of before and turn that app into something profitable. Not only must he find it unique, creative and useful but must also understand how customers will find this app useful and whether it will be enough for them to download onto their phones and actually use regularly as part of their daily lifestyle and routine activities.

If you want to start or develop your own app and bite off your bit of the ‘app-le’ here are three ‘C’ theories to keep in mind to help make your app a total hit with the masses especially the young generation. For this, you would need to think outside the box but at the same time keep the basics of the app plain and simple and not too complicated for the user.

Follow these 3 C’s every time you find your brain racking for new ideas for developing your new app.

  1. Stick with classic over new trends – Stick to the basics and don’t try to reinvent something that has worked well with the masses for a long time. Some ideas are creative and inventive but never go out of style. Apps like Temple Run, iTunes are classics and don’t ever try to reinvent these kinds of apps. You will end up failing miserably. You could use a timeless classic app and try to see what you could do to make it even better for customers. Adding your own touch and flair to a timelessly classic app could help attract more customers and they may end up using your app even more than the original.

One example of an app that shouldn’t be retouched or revamped is the arcade game app. People who are die-hard fans of an arcade game app usually won’t switch to another app even though it might be very similar to the original. But if you are still hell bent on developing an app to imitate arcade games do some research on arcade games fan communities and clubs to find out exactly what will work and what won’t.

  1. Catalyze change – People want change whether it’s political, ecological, and economical or any other kind of change. Change helps improve the inefficiencies and irregularities in something and helps make it better. So do some ground work and thorough research on what apps in the market could use a revamp or a makeover. Think of an idea for an app that could help change the world morally and socially. For example, the Solidarity App helps keep millennial values in the minds of people.

In order to incorporate a change in the world, your ideas need to have a social cause to them. Only then will people accept them and try to incorporate them into their daily lives. Apps that help support various causes and charities, human rights and animal rights will be widely accepted and promoted by the masses. You could develop an app to help dial an ambulance immediately if you find a wounded animal on the side of the road or an app that helps you make donations to different charities.

  1. Crack the real problems – There are apps to help solve our everyday problems and needs but there’s definitely still a problem out there that needs solving. There are several gaps to fill and problems to solve in the existing apps which you could help overcome with a new app. For example, people using iCloud found that Dropbox didn’t use encrypted folders which is why pCloud was invented. Find a niche idea that has great potential but a few glitches that need fixing and use that to your advantage to develop an awesome app.
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