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Getting Roller Shutters For Your Home Extension

Home Extension

Be it for sun shading or for effective protection that prevents any kinds of intrusions, roller shutters are a great option for home improvement. In fact, these shutters are also an energy-efficient system that can go a long way when it comes to saving money and opting for eco-friendly home improvement solutions. 

Be it for your front window or garage extensions, there are a variety of products available in the market that can be a perfect fit for your needs. But like all other home improvement products, roller shutters need to be chosen wisely depending on several factors. 

The Key Advantages Of Roller Shutters

Before we go on to the basics of choosing these products, important features, and other details that you must know about, it is important to discuss the basic benefits of these shutters. 

It is said that roller shutters and windows go hand in hand quite like summer and sunshine. And if you have used these products in Australia, you will probably agree with the statement. It is a very popular choice made by both commercial property owners as well as homeowners. This is primarily because of the several advantages and benefits of installing roller shutters in your property

Let us look at the key advantages of using these shutters.

  • Cost-effective as well as affordable
  • Provide comfort
  • High-quality material builds for longevity
  • Enhanced and additional security and prevention of all kinds of unwanted intrusions. 
  • Prevents the entry of pests and insects
  • Blocks incoming noise
  • Effective protection against harsh weather conditions
  • Great aesthetic appeal
  • Multiple design elements available with a variety of build materials 

The Various Types Of Roller Shutters 

There is a huge variety of products when it comes to such shutters. A huge selection of products is made available by multiple reputed companies across Australia. The kind of shutters one might need would essentially depend on the architectural requirements of the building it is installed in, along with the preferences of the customer and the features they are looking for. 

Whether you need energy-efficient varieties or a durable product with a solid build quality that lasts for a long time, or if you are looking for something that is low priced, you can find it all. Let us look at the various types of these shutters based on their structure and functionalities, that are available in the Australian market. 


This type of shutter is basically attached as a box to the window frame and works as a part of the window itself. 


Also known as stem models, these variants are usually installed in the front masonry of windows. 

Security Shutters:

Made from highly durable and reinforced steel or other durable metals, these provide additional security against burglars and uninvited intrusions. 

Shaft Shutters:

Convenient to install in existing shafts, these are a perfect option for new buildings or buildings that are being renovated. One can easily install it during the renovation or building procedure. 

Asymmetrical Variants:

These are a perfect option for sloped windows and perfectly fit windows with slopes ranging from 10 to 45 degrees. 

Top Mounts For New Constructions:

Specialized top-mounted shutters that can save the facade and interior plastering are also available. They work with the use of existing lintel boxes. 

Final Words 

Roller shutters are available in a wide range but to buy a perfect shutter, your property structure and your preferences would be the essential factors. Always ensure to give preference to quality over price because they secure your entrance. 

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