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Everything A Cat Owner Needs To Know

Cat Owner

Do you want some company? A perfect companion could be the one with four feet. Pets are little bundles of joy, cheering up people during the tough and rough days of life. All the fatigue and exhaustion go away when these little creatures look in the eyes and purr. Although cats are famous for being more independent, bringing a new friend home is a significant decision. Cats are more like humans, meaning they need the same care, affection, and time. 

Is there enough space in your house? Do you have time to take care of a cat? Remember, it is one thing to impulse buy a new pair of shoes, but when it comes to pets, there is no return policy. If you are thinking of bringing a new family member, you have to make an educated decision. After all, it is a matter of taking responsibility and understanding commitment. 

From a healthy diet, proper grooming, toys, to annual checkups – adopting a cat is like stepping into parenthood. You might not have to pinch pennies for college funds, but cats have similar expenses of a newborn baby. Similarly, you have to look after and spend time with your little one. These feline friends are great listeners and exceptionally tidy. 

If you are skeptical about it, have a look below. Here is everything a cat owner needs to know. 

  • Keep Litter Boxes Clean 

These days, everyone is lazy about housework, but you have to step up when it comes to your cats. They are super picky about their litter box and refuse it immediately, even if there is slight dirt. It might feel disgusting, but you have to clean their litter thoroughly twice a day to ensure smooth litter management. If you believe this is not your cup of tea, get a disposable cat litter box, and save yourself from this dirty job. You can keep it on different quiet corners of the house and replace it with new ones. These boxes come in handy, especially if you have a busy work life. 

  • Cats Need Grooming 

Although cats know how to keep themselves clean, they can’t manage everything on their own. Therefore, spend 10-15 minutes daily on grooming your cat. Are you wondering how? Here are some grooming tips. 

  • Brush and comb the cat’s hair to remove all the debris, while spreading natural oils through its coats. Detangle the hair and ensure its skin is irritant-free. 
  • Bathe your cat once a week or twice a week if it becomes oily or greasy. Use pet shampoo and massage it on the body, while ensuring it doesn’t enter the eyes or mouth. 
  • Nail clipping is exceptionally crucial to rule out chances of scratching. Hence, consider clipping nails yourself or take your cat to the vet once a month. 
  • Understand Cat Behavior 

Usually, new cat owners expect their friend to greet them at the door and say goodbye when they are off to work. In the beginning, they might prefer hiding in enclosed places to observe your behavior rather than curling on the lap. Cats are individualistic creatures with strong instincts, meaning they will take time to adjust to the new place. As they are taking time to adapt to your lifestyle, you have to understand their unique personalities and behaviors. Cats offer years of love and compassion, but only if you are willing to put time and energy into establishing a relationship with them. 

  • Avoid Free Feeding 

Surprisingly, you might think cats are hungry all the time. As a result, cat owners fill the food as soon as the bowl gets empty. By free-feeding the cats, you are increasing their chances of getting fat, which is not healthy, of course. Hence, always measure your cat’s food and feed them in appropriate portions. If you have a tied up schedule, or don’t get back home on time, invest in an automatic feeder. You can set the quantity of food with the timings, and it will feed your cat appropriately. Likewise, when you are at home, provide the cat yourself to keep track of its diet.  

  • Spay or Neuter Your Cat 

Cat owners have their share of responsibilities, and one of them is spaying or neutering the cat. It prevents aggressive behavior in both male and female cats, maintaining peace in the house. Most importantly, it eliminates the risk of having unwanted kittens in the place. Alongside being heavy on your pockets, it can turn your home into a mess. Moreover, it helps you do your part in addressing the cat overpopulation issue. It also protects your cats from various health concerns – cancerous tumors, bacterial infections, etc. 

  • Enjoy their Quirks 

A fun surprise of owning a cat is that they show love by bringing you animals they have killed. You might be scrolling through Facebook, and your feline might throw a dead mouse on your lap. Instead of screaming, give a polite smile and dispose of immediately to avoid germs. Similarly, love bites are another cruel way, showing affection by cats. Gradually you will get familiar with all these quirky habits while also learning to deal with them. Every cat is unique, which means there is no secret spell or management trick that can change the cat’s behavior. 

Wrapping Up 

Cats are lovable companions that bring joy and happiness in people’s lives. After all, what is better than having a little friend to welcome you to the door when you come back from work? They love cuddling and listening to your stories, but also demand attention and care. As a cat parent, you have the responsibility of nurturing, feeding, and playing with them.

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