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Is A Stable Rug A Necessity For Your Horse As The Weather Gets Cooler

Stable Rug

In order to protect the horses from different weather and climatic conditions, rugs are utilised. Your horse must get a tailored, safe, and easy to use rug so that you are free of stress. It will assist in keeping the temperature of the horse stable and keep it fit.

The horse needs to be comfortable when they are outside in the open and when it is resting in the barn made for them; this is because sometimes they don’t get the warmth required even if they are in their barn.

Stable Rugs

The horses that are free to move around can generate heat themselves in the cold conditions, but those who are kept tied in the barn need a stable rug to keep them cosy. Such horses stay clean due to compact and stable rugs that are indoors most of the time.

The horses that are used to the freezing conditions get accustomed to the more substantial stable rug. These kinds help the horses stay cosy and at ease; at the same time, they last longer due to the sturdy cloth. 

The stable rugs are a coverlet filled with a polyester fibre material that would give your horse a feeling of a thick rug cover. Due to full protection, the warmth generated stays throughout the night, whereas other rugs touch the horse’s hair, making them uncomfortable. It has a contra-rug cushioning to eradicate this issue. This kind of rug comes with the adjustable chest leash plus a skin-friendly strip for the tail and rollers that can be adjusted. 

Protection For Horses Those Are Old

With age, the horses become old and more vulnerable to freezing conditions. Your old horse can fight this condition and stay at ease if you acquire little expertise and plan accordingly. So, to see them through the harsh cold months, more protection is required concerning their food and stable rugs to give them warmth.

It is crucial to lay a stable rug on your horse to keep them at ease and give them the required warmth, especially if they stay in the outer area. There is a possibility of knots being formed inside the rug. It also causes bacteria, in case the horse sweats a lot and sweat gets dried inside the rug. Therefore, it is necessary to take out the rug and check for the formation of any lumps. 

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