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Handling Transactions Like A Pro Using Clover Mini 2018

Clover Mini

Dealing with cash is not a big deal for those who have the ability to count and handle transactions since years. Digitalisation has brought in a change and transactions have becomes cash less. Using cards provides people with a number of advantages such as-

  • One does not need to carry huge amount of cash or there would never be short of cash if the transactions are done via debit or credit cards.
  • One can swipe the card in any country without having to worry about the currency and exchanging currencies at all.
  • One can stay away from loosing cash or losing any money because if a card is lost it can be simply blocked so that the money in the account is safe and secure.

Clover station 2018 allows vendors, shop keepers, restaurant managers, food joint owners, retails marketers and various other merchants to accept cash less payments from their customers and clients. The mini machines make it easy to just swipe the card given by the buyer and receive payment.

There is no such hassle of giving the balance back to the payer and the entire process becomes easy and quick. Especially for people at the food joints it is very tiring and irritating to stand in the queue for placing the order. Booker clover mini allows customer to see the menu and tap on the screen and place order just like you do it on your phone while placing a food order online.

Look at the menu, choose your items, see the total bill, swipe your card and enter pin. These simple steps helps one in placing order and making payments at the same time and also sends the order to the kitchen head so that the items can be prepared as soon as possible.

A food on wheels kind of business cannot afford to appoint staff for taking orders and then managing the storage etc. it is a business that is managed single handily with some people who prepares the food and hence Clover station 2018 reduces the need for man power by handling such tasks like a pro.

Features of booker clover mini are as follows-

  • All in one machine that takes orders manages transactions and manages the storage items.
  • One can accept any sort of payment method that the customer is happy with and do transaction quick.
  • On desk station have a cash drawer installed in it so that one can even accept cash from people who wish to pay in cash.
  • Booker clover mini can be taken to the tables at the restaurant where the customer pays the bill and the mini printer generates a bill that can be given to the customer then and there.

Clover station 2018 is one of the best point of sales system which can also take user feedback at the malls and restaurants while the billing is being done by the billing executive. It is by far the best sales system that can be used in any business.

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