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How To Clean Blocked Drain Using The Most Effective Tricks?

Are you facing problems related to a blocked drain in your kitchen sink or bathroom? If yes, then you need to work on this problem in order to stay in a healthy environment. Blocked drains can result in bad odors and this can invite certain health issues.  Blockages create nasty odors which are not at all tolerable. Drainage pipe may get clogged up when large items or wastes get stuck into it. Bacteria breeds out of such things when they get rot and this result is the nasty smell. You do not always need professional help to clear the blocked drains, but in case the sewage pipes and the channel of water flow gets disturbed to a large extent, or else, if roots and debris get stuck inside, then you need professional blocked drain cleaners.

Blocked Drain

Precautions to prevent a blocked drain:

  • Regularly clean your kitchen and bathroom sink to keep it away from debris.
  • Say no to bad odor by regularly cleaning sink using home remedies like baking soda and vinegar solution.
  • If it is the kitchen sink, then you are advisable to make use of compost bins in order to dispose of leftover food, oil, paper products etc.
  • If it is bathroom sink, then you are advisable to make use of plughole filter, which prevents blockage problem that arises due to hair.

Calling professional plumbers for cleaning drains:

Blocked drain is a matter of concern, because it can result in unpleasant odor and can sometimes also cause flooding. Problem related to blocked drains are not difficult to resolve if you know the right ways to keep your sink clean and tidy. In extreme cases, you can also call a plumber for your assistance.

  • Using plunger can help you to unblock a drain. The plunger is used to create the suction and in this process, you need to run some water. While using the plunger, ensure that it completely covers the drain opening.
  • After plunging it for few times you can remove the plunger to notice whether the water is running freely or not. Repeat the use of plunger until water starts flowing freely.
  • In case of shower clogs that are caused due to hair, you can make use of hair removal cream. But it is always better to avoid drain-cleaning options that contain chemicals.


Natural ways to unblock a drain:

Baking soda and vinegar solution are popularly adopted by homeowners before calling for plumbing services.

  • Use baking soda and vinegar in the same quantity and slowly add it to the drain and cover the drain. Foam created out of soda and vinegar helps in clearing the blockage present in the drainage pipe.
  • To clear blocked drain, you can also make use of the drain snake. Pouring hot water down the drain is also considered to be the easiest way to clear the blockage.
  • Sodium hydroxide can also be used to unblock drains. Sodium hydroxide is caustic soda that can also lead to chemical burns and so it is advisable for you to wear eye protection cover and rubber gloves.
  • Mix caustic soda in cold water by using a wooden spoon. Pour this water into the clogged drain and leave it for around half an hour. Use hot water to flush the drain. If you are using this combination, then wait for sometimes after the drain is cleared, as the hovering smell of the powder can cause nausea and irritation.

Campylobacteriosis, Typhoid etc. are some of the health hazards that you or your family members may have to face due to blocked drain. For infection control, it is important to maintain the plumbing system of your house efficiently.

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