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Incredible Shower Curtain Ideas For A Commendable Bathroom Décor

Bathroom Décor

One must accept that people run out of ideas when it comes about shower curtains. You can’t go stereotypic on this matter every time. On the other hand, for a beautiful home decor, you have to be creative and different. Given below are some awesome shower curtains ideas you can try for a beautiful bathroom décor without exaggerating things.

Curtain hanging through longer chain threads:

If the idea is to do something different, it should not only be limited to the curtain colour. You should try something different for other associated goods as well. For example, hanging the shower curtains through steel bar is pretty common. You may make things more interesting by using thread chains. It would add a regal appeal to your decoration idea. Making things more royal, you may go for the threads of golden colour. For the best combination, you may go for a golden curtain colour as well.

Curtains of woody print:

This can be another idea for those who want to try something different for their shower curtains. You might have heard of the floral prints, single colour curtain, multi colour shades, etc. But, shower curtains of wooden print would be indeed something different. In fact, some of these curtains when hanged still look like a door. The best part about this idea is that you can apply it for any tile colour. At the same time, the idea can do well for both the larger and smaller bathrooms.

Light yellow curtains with a black border:

If you are in hunt of shower curtains idea that would look classy as well as trendy, this one is a must try. It adds a dynamic effect on the bathroom design, upon being combined with proper lightening arrangements. You can be a bit smarter and have the similar light-yellow curtain for the windows nearby with the black ply borders as well. This would add that synchronizing effect to your bathroom’s look. Use brighter lights for the highest contrast.

Curtains of zigzag prints:

When you don’t have much of the options left, going with the shower curtains of zigzag print would be the perfect recommendation. Again, you don’t need to think about colour combination much with such zigzag prints. In fact, this idea suits both on the lighter colour shower curtains, as well as those of deeper ones. It’s simple; you may go with the dipper zigzag print if the curtain surface is lighter in colour and the vice versa. Moreover, this idea suits both the larger bathrooms as well as, the smaller ones.

Squeezed cloth designs:

This can be something distinguishing and trendy at the same time. Especially, such shower curtains would be incredible at bathrooms of teens. It is recommended to keep its colour lighter as possible as the bolder ones would look too exaggerated. At the same time, these shower curtains are preferred to be hanged a few inches (about 1 foot) above the ground level for a trendier appeal.

Source: showercurtainsspecialist.com

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