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Things You Need To Know About Architectural Cladding


Architectural cladding is a modern way of enhancing the beauty of a building. Also, ensures the safety and healthy environment inside the building itself. 

Architectural Cladding

The process involves putting one steel, wood or aluminum material on top of another to form a layer-like structure. Then it is put on to the skin of the building wall. Nowadays, it is being extensively used to protect the walls, keep the privacy and safety of internal workers, and essentially, eliminate water leakage. 

What Is the Purpose of Architectural Cladding? 

  • It is an essential element in today’s corporate offices and high-rise buildings. They help to control the internal environment. It also ensures good thermal insulation inside the buildings. Besides, it enhances the aesthetics of the structure.
  • If there is any fire accident in the building, it prevents the fire from bursting out of the building. Wall cladding also ensures internal security and privacy. Proper ventilation and maintenance of good hygiene are few of the additional bonuses of installing a wall cladding.
  • One of the key advantages of a wall cladding is providing safety from the outside disturbances. The architectural cladding protects the building from several adverse weather conditions like heavy rain, storm, strong wind flow, cyclone etc. Ensuring the safety of the inhabitants should be the key to any architectural structure. Wall cladding is a way of doing that.
  • Various wall cladding systems come with perforated-metal façades. They are lightweight and does provides stability to the building structure. . Thus, no heavy structural modification is needed to add for the appearance of the building. Also, this does not eliminate the striking feature of installing an architectural cladding. It allows proper ventilation, sun screening, and disbursement of heat. 

What Points are to keep in Mind before Going for One? 

  • External and Internal Conditions: Before installing a wall cladding system, you must ensure the conditions around the building. Both the exterior and interior conditions contribute to the choice heavily.
  • Use of the Building: The usage of the structure is also a primary factor. The building may be of a workspace of various kinds of operations. So, keep the business in mind before making a choice.
  • Resilience, Strength, and Durability: The materials used in building differ in strength and quality. Different materials have different tolerance level. Therefore, go for prime quality materials in your architectural cladding. Ensure it is durable and is adaptable to diverse weather conditions.
  • Fire Resistance: The materials need to be fire-resistant. In case any fire breaks out inside the building, the wall cladding must not let the fire spread in adjacent buildings.
  • Aesthetics: Wall cladding is a cost-effective way to enhance the beauty of your structure. So, go for the design and materials that will contribute to enhancing the aesthetic value. . Curved metal cladding, metal cladding with lighting effects improve the overall look and feel of the building.
  • Availability & Budget: There are several retailers and online marketplaces where you can get wall cladding materials at reasonable prices. But before making a choice, consult friends who have previously installed this system. Use Google and take a quote from different places before making any decision.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Wall claddings are budget-friendly. Also, its maintenance should not cost a fortune. So, ensure the material can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • Control of Thermal Movement: Materials has different property and characteristics.  Consider the area where your building is situated, assess the weather conditions of that area, and then make a choice. Choosing the high melting point metal in the high-temperature area is a bad choice. So, ensure everything is checked ‘OK’ before finalizing. 


Architectural cladding is undoubtedly a major choice to improve the appearance of a building. It not only adds beauty to the structure but also adds the safety of the inhabitants. Several retailers are selling the materials and various services install the wall cladding. So, go for one that fits your requirements and budget and give your building a makeover.

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