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Top Tips On Foot Wellbeing


For having fun and enjoying life, it is critical to have feet that are free from infirmity or disease.

It is quite simple to keep your feet in good health. All that is needed is a sufficient amount of cleanliness, regular inspection of your feet and correctly fitted shoes. 

podiatrist worthing

So, if you are eating right, and getting adequate amounts of exercise but are ignoring your feet, then that can cause needless discomfort and other foot complications.

Luckily, it’s not difficult to keep your feet in good condition without paying a visit to podiatrist worthing.

Here are a few suggestions to feel fit and active and not be bothered with short, sharp, intense and perhaps repeated painful sensations or lingering pain in the feet:

  • The first tip to keep your feet free from discomfort and disease is to get rid of dirt, impurities and dampness from your feet.
  • For healthy feet, proper hygiene is a good starting point. Therefore another helpful hint would be to wash and scrub your feet properly with soap and water while bathing. Following this, dry them completely.
  • One more suggestion to avoid disturbing sensations in your feet would be to avoid fungal infections. Fungal microorganisms proliferate when the conditions are damp. So, make it tougher for them to survive by staying away from any wetness on your feet. Make sure that you thoroughly dry the part around every individual toe as unnecessary wetness in between toes will be an ideal atmosphere for starting a fungal disease.
  • One more way to keep away from miserable aches in your feet is to carefully look at your feet for injuries, complications, etc. It is advisable to try out a self-examination of your foot once a week while you take a bath or shower. While you dry your feet, quickly check the soles for any scaling and between your toes for skin that is coming loose and breaking. That might be a sign of an athlete’s foot.
  • An additional way to rule out discomfort in the feet is to watch out for a change in the original colour of both fingernails and toenails. This unpleasant discolouration could be a sign of fungal activity in damaged nails.
  • In case you suffer from diabetes, you should check your feet each day to see if they are in a satisfactory condition because diabetic individuals have a  greater risk of painful sores and ailments in the feet.
  • If you want to give a podiatrist worth a miss then cut toenails in the correct manner. This would mean removing nails from one end to the other without being excessively near the skin or short of deeply circling the edges of the nails (which, incidentally can result in troublesome, ingrown toenails).

So, if you would rather die on your feet than live on your knees, then protect your feet from damage, injuries or diseases.

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