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How To Stay Focused During Periods Of Turmoil

Periods of turmoil in your life can leave you unable to make clear decisions. Your entire thought process can become jumbled and out of sorts. For some, it can make them feel disconnected entirely. Stress and tragedy affect the brain in unhealthy ways and the events attempt to take over every decision making process you attempt to use. Consider these options to keep yourself on track.

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Take a Mental Break

Sometimes you just have to step back and take a break to regroup your thoughts. It is okay to step away for a few moments to gather yourself. If you are in the midst of an important business meeting or transaction, a brief “restroom break” may give you the few minutes needed to collect yourself and re-focus.

It is also acceptable to step outside and get some fresh air. Breathing in clean oxygen is another way to take a mental break and regroup.

Consider a Day Off

Consider taking a day off just to gather yourself and give your mind a break. Sometimes the stresses of life become too much and hinders your ability to think clearly and make decisions. This can make performing your job duties difficult and cause performance blunders. For some, turmoil can take over their lives and a leave of absence is required. This is okay as long as you have the financial coverage to do so and your job is not in danger.


Turmoil makes your moods take on the characteristics of a roller coaster. It affects every aspect of life difficult to maintain. When you feel like you cannot complete a logical thought to save your life, it is time to shut yourself off to the world and meditate. It is a great way to cleanse your mind and refresh. Let all of the negative thoughts take a back seat and allow your entire body to relax. This will help get you back on track.

Consider combining meditation with soft nature music playing and aromatherapy from warmed natural oils. The end result is a clear, focused mind amidst turmoil so that you can think clearly and continue on with life.


Exercise is important. Not only does it help get rid of negative adrenaline and energy, it helps clear your mind. Do not use exercise as a vice as it can become an unhealthy addiction. Instead, adopt a healthy exercise regimen to make part of your everyday life.

Eat Right

You must eat a healthy, all-natural diet to give your brain the vitamins and nutrients that it needs. You can also use supplements, like those available through the ModVigil store, to help improve cognitive sharpness and focus as well. When changing your diet, eat only fresh foods. Refrain from refined sugars, fried foods and foods high in fat content.

During periods of turmoil, it is difficult to stay cognitively strong. Incomplete or improper thought processes can lead to financial difficulties and can hinder relationships both personally and professionally. Realize that your mind is slightly off and make some adjustments to get back to your normal, sharp thinking self quickly.

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