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Know Your Fabrics: A Guide To The Different Types Of Velvet

Types Of Velvet

Before starting on the velvet fabric suppliers, let’s begin with what velvet is. Velvet is a sort of fabric. Multiple numbers of materials are used to produce this fabric. It is very soft, and it is very luxurious. It is a compactly cut fiber and has an even nap. The material has its shine and smooth texture. This is a result of the smoothly cut fibers. you can find velvet fabric suppliers that sell good quality of fabric at an affordable rate. The material is mostly famous as a night or evening wear. It can be worn at parties or on other occasions. The structure is also used as home décor. It is used as the fabric of upholstery, pillow, curtain, and more. Cotton can be made from linen, wool, cotton, synthetic fiber, and mohair. Velvet was first introduced in 750 A.D in Baghdad. But the material gradually spread to the Mediterranean and later spread all over Europe. Back then, it was only reachable for the noble classes and royals. However, the loom technology cut off on the prices of velvet. 

How Is It Made?  

On the one hand, it can be easily made with any fabric or material such as cotton, linen, wool, viscose, or more. But, the process of making velvet is the same for each kind of content used. Only one particular loom is used, which spins for just two layers of fabric at the same time. This kind of loom is known as double cloth. This loom produces two pieces of velvet at the same time. Any velvet fabric supplier determines velvet by its even pile height which is less than 0.50 centimeter. However, now velvet is used in any natural or synthetic fiber. However, it was formerly made of silk, which made it extremely expensive for middle-class people to buy. Nowadays, it is impossible to get hold of pure silk velvet. The velvet that is available in the market is made of both silk and rayon. Synthetic velvet can be less expensive as it is made of nylon, viscose, polyester, or rayon.  

Types of Velvet Available

There Are At Least 7 Types of Velvet That the Velvet Fabric Suppliers Can Provide You With:

  • Panne Velvet: It is a type of crushed velvet. It is produced by putting more pressure on it. The pressure is required to turn the pile in the same direction. This kind of pattern can also be noticed in few particular boxes; it is not velvet in accurate means and is made of polyester. 
  • Crushed Velvet: This kind of velvet has a crushed look on it. This look is achieved by twisting the material while it is damp or by putting pressure on the pile from multiple directions. This velvet looks shiny and patterned. This velvet has a unique texture to it. 
  • Embossed Velvet: It is a printed velvet which is produced by the application of heat stamp. The pile which is used to make velvet is pushed downward to create a pattern. This kind of velvet is used in home décor and designs of upholstery. 
  • Pile: on-pile velvet – This had a pile of different lengths pushed together to make a pattern. This is also used in home-decors. 
  • Plain Type Velvet: It is nothing but cotton velvet. It becomes heavy with every single stretch and is not as shiny as the silk velvets. 
  • Stretch Velvet: It has spandex in the weave and that makes it flexible. 
  • Cisele: It is made by cutting off loop threads and leaving the other threads uncut.  


If you are in search of velvet fabric suppliers, you can keep all these aforementioned points in mind. These will help you to make a better choice.

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