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Let’s Plan Your BFF’s Epic Bachelorette Bash


As your best friend is getting engaged, it is high time that you start planning an epic bachelorette party for her and the gang! With that being said, don’t get stressed out with the idea of overlooking the small details. If you do so, you might miss the bigger picture, which is making your buddy happy by being there for her in her journey towards a new life!

Anyway, without further ado, let us take a look at some crucial tips that would allow you to throw the ultimate bachelorette party for your BFF:

Plan ahead

The first step when it comes to planning a bachelorette party is to make a budget for it! The next step is determining the duration of the party, which will decide the destination and the time of the year which will be ideal for starting the same. The next and final stage is the list of guests that will be attending the bachelorette party.

Bride first

Since it is her party, make sure that your focus is on your BFF! Ask her straight away what kind of a party she is looking forward to! Be sure that you are not revealing any surprises that you have in store for her. Instead, keep her engaged with just a few minor details!

Pick a theme

Picking a theme is crucial as it will dictate the budget, destination, and duration of the party. You might have looked forward to a trip to Hawaii but what if your BFF is a yoga resort type of a girl!? Be sure that you pick the theme as per the tastes of your buddy!

Call Professional Strippers

Bachelorette parties are meant to be fun and alluring, for the right reasons! It is the last night you will be hanging out with your BFF and chilling as a free bird! Why not make the night for her worthwhile! You got that right! We are talking about hot ‘n’ hunky men in skimpy outfits showing off their assets in front of you, your BFF and your gang! Discuss with your girl first and don’t forget to choose a reputed agency such as Newcastle strippers.

Make an itinerary

Reaching the destination of the party needs a lot of planning as well! You might have everything in order but have failed to make proper travel arrangements! It can lead to saying bye-bye to the party vibes. Make an itinerary so that everyone can reach the venue safe and sound!

Try something new

You can add several ideas and clump them together! A yoga resort, backed by a trip to the spa and a weekend at Hawaii! Sounds good!? Then go for it! Oh! Be sure to make your girls wear a custom T-shirt made especially for the bachelorette party! Word to the wise – trying something new never backfires!

Planning a bachelorette party and that too for your BFF! Well here comes the waterworks! Anyway, don’t get lost in the emotions and spend unnecessarily on things that might not add weight to the memories! Be sure to stick to the tips mentioned above for the ultimate bachelorette party!

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