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Major Goals Of Law Enforcement Officials

Law enforcement are different agencies’ members who are committed to enforcing and upholding the laws we live by. Some members work to enforce national laws, while others work in local settings. Often, the workers play a major role in convicting and punishing those who commit a serious crime. They work throughout the day to ensure that the criminals are put behind bars and the streets are safe.

Law Enforcement Officials

Adam Quirk lives in De Pere, Wisconsin and his professional living is based on law enforcement. Adam has award winning experiences of 15 years in security management, criminal investigations, drug diversion investigation, background checks and violent crimes investigation. At varying levels of jurisdiction, he has worked for different law enforcement bodies.

All law enforcement officials seek two main goals and they are: enforcement and prevention. Enforcement, the first goal, is extremely difficult. For people committing a serious crime, officials have the unique assignment to punish them. They must assign a particular type of punishment that is appropriate for the crime. Whenever possible, they must also seek rehabilitation for the criminal. Prevention, the second goal, can also be particularly tough and difficult. To prevent occurrences of crimes, all officials work extremely hard. For example, in an attempt to keep crime from happening, police officers will regularly patrol the area. They make their presence heard and known. In a way it is a signal for criminals to let them know they are being carefully watched and any sort of criminal behavior will not be tolerated.

Today, jobs associated with law enforcement can be found on different kinds of levels. For instance, throughout the nation, there are local police. They exist in order to protect the rights of citizens in particular jurisdictions. Then, there are professionals for federal and states law. After these professionals find sufficient evidence of wrongdoing, they work to apprehend suspects. For instance, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, is a federal agency. They have officials for enforcement who provide services and work to enforce federal laws. Members of federal and state penal systems are also referred to as law enforcement officials. They manage different aspects of punishment and containment of criminals. Along with that, judges, probation officers and district attorneys often includes law enforcement professionals.

After the completion of his Master’s degree, Adam Quirk worked as a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He has executed warrants, investigated complex and multi-jurisdictional violent crimes and conducted interrogations and interviews under the FBI. Adam had to respond to emergent events across the country and that made him stay on call 24/7.

Everyone working in law enforcement is working towards the same goal although it is considered a broad term. They work to protect the people, enforce laws and prevent crime. All over the world, there are officials who are performing duties that range to advanced enforcement from trainee. Some might be managers, while others are investigators or directors. They are still required to work within the rules of their job, their jurisdictions and the law despite their high positions. Along with the citizens who follow the law, law enforcement officials must also follow the law, rules and regulations.

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