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Credit Rate Repair Expert Olympia Law Group

Poor credit score damages your position as a borrower in the credit market. However, the poor credit score issue always doesn’t mean that you’ve failed commitments with your lending companies to pay their dues as per schedule. There are three credit bureaus that are responsible to maintain your credit score in America. Sadly, many times, people working there enter wrong information or entries that immediately reduce your credit rate.


While this is a very common experience of people, such incidents are unintentional and mainly occur because of gap in proper communication. The fault may be from any part. For example, the last installment you paid against your car loan has not been entered in bureau’s account by mistake. However, since this affects your credit score, it is crucial for you to get the score rectified and there you require professional help.

In this context, this should be noted carefully that people face this kind of situations should always contact attorney houses like Olympia Law Group who are specialist in Credit Repair Services. In the newspapers or in different signboards you may find the name and contact number of companies who are basically the credit agencies. First of all, most credit agencies are not fully equipped with law professionals to handle credit issues. And this needs involvement of attorneys who are not only legal specialists but they’ve the authority as well as guts to meet your lending company or the credit bureau. Olympia Law Group is legally authorized to take care of your issue based on the legal guidelines. Importantly, you can get far better service from Olympia by spending much less consultation and service fees.

Olympia’s Services

Services offered against the first time fee:

  • Complete analysis of the credit report;
  • A primary sitting and consultation after thorough analysis;
  • Designing of a Custom-made legal plan for required investigation and disputing erroneous entries;
  • Unlimited number of wrong entries made are taken into consideration;
  • Experts of Olympia Law firm communicates client all about advancements from time to time over phone or email;
  • Educating Client to understand the best practices to avoid negative report building and also the activities that help built good credit rate;   

By paying a monthly fee you can avail wide range of services from Olympia folks that help you improve your credit score.  

  • On-going study for entries of dispute, and it’s done for all three credit bureaus;
  • Communication with respective credit bureaus for unlimited number of wrong items;
  • Meeting with necessary departments as per need and continuous study of the case
  • Regular planning, sending follow up letters, credit repair and credit rate improvement.
  • Once wrong entries deleted, clients are informed by letters;

Being a professional attorney firm all communication that they make with you remains fully protected and kept with them as confidential. As you can reach them at any time through email, or phone and can get latest updates, the company also informs you all advancements through mail, phone and email. As a credit fixing specialist company Olympia Law Group is one of the best liked companies in the industry today.

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