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Making A Mark In The Society With Mack Prioleau

The world needs good economist, and smart entrepreneurs who know their business and work out to do some charity too. Though in the middle school, or even till half of high school, many students might not be clear about what they want to do in their life, but later when they do, they don’t have much time left too. While picking up mainstream career is essential, but at the same time, one has to keep the service to the society in mind too.

Mack Prioleau

So, while pursuing Economics major with minors in Corporate Strategy and Financial Economics is the focus, Mack Prioleau has also been actively involved in outdoor activities and even in social service. He is from Fort Worth, Texas. He was born in Berkeley in California and for the first eight years of his life, he lived in San Francisco Bay Area.

It was in his childhood when he was still in his Junior year, that he and his parents moved to Texas from California. This meant that he gets to open up his mind more on the local culture. This was also when he shone as a student and got absorbed in to the Cum Laude Society in the Junior year in school. In his high school years, he was in to soccer and played for his team as the Linebacker in his team of All Saints. He was instrumental in the win in the championship too.

While sporting activity was on a high, he also focused his attention on doing his studies and research on fish population in the local lake and did a thesis on it.

For his graduation, he chose the Vanderbilt University and this was a valuable decision on his part too. Here he got the Dean’s List 3 out of the four completed four semesters.

He was in the scout team’s defensive end here and at the same time got selected to play for the touring team of Texas A&M. This earned him a ticket to the Vanderbilt Football 3.0 Club too. Due to his achievement so far in sports and in leading teams for charitable service in the nearby localities, he aims to use these skills of leadership wisely in his career ahead and to help the society too as he has been doing all this while.

As they say, that whatever a child inculcates from a very young age stays with him for a lifetime. In the same way, Mack Prioleau has had the exposure of the world since his childhood. His parents had taken a break for ten months and had gone on a ten-month world tour. This comprised a tour of 19 countries around the world. This trip has ensured that everyone develop a passion for traveling and staying outdoors.

This led to Prioleau to inculcating the nature of becoming more acceptable and warm with people across various cultures and ethnicities. In the current globalized world where people from various countries have all come closer, this kind of nature is what the most needed one.

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