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Specs Of The 2022 Cruiser Radiance Ultra Lite 21RB

The number of people opting for the RV lifestyle is increasing at a rapid pace. Hence, before buying one, people should go through the specs of a recreational vehicle before opting to buy it. Contacting Spring Valley RV dealer will aid in coming across 2022 Cruiser Radiance Ultra Lite 21 RB. This is considered to be one of the best RVs currently and thus, you should know about it in detail before purchasing it.

Length, Width, And Height

The length of this RV is roughly 25 feet and 11 inches. The exterior width of this motor vehicle is 8 feet and 1 inch. It is quite a comfortable RV with ample space as can be seen from the measurements.

The interior height of this RV is 6 feet and 11 inches while its exterior height measures 11 feet and 1 inch. The interior headroom shows that even very tall adults can easily move around without having to worry about any aspect and be comfortable.

Lastly, weight specification is different and thus, has been classified differently. The hitch weight is 702 pounds, while its gross weight is 7702 lbs. Also, its dry weight is 5346 pounds and its cargo weight is 2324 lbs.

These measurements show that this RV is capable of handling ample cargo and its spacious aspect ensures that people who are inside it will be comfortable at all times.

Water Capacity And Other Amenities

This RV is filled with amenities and ample water capacity, which are essential for any motor vehicle. This vehicle’s freshwater holding capacity is 44 gallons, which is more than enough for any family when going on a trip. It also has a Black and Greywater holding capability of 30 gallons each.

The bed equipped inside the RV is of King size and can easily hold three persons. A double-door refrigerator is placed inside, which is 10,7 cubic feet. There is a furnace and 3 cooktop burners for making meals easily.

There is also a water heating feature that allows 6 gallons of water to be heated at a go and the heating type is Electric or DSI. An awning is included along with things like a radius shower, and more. If you want more details or want to take a look around the inside, visit Spring Valley RV dealership.

Price Tag

Price varies depending on the dealership you buy from. However, it can start from over $30k; however, depending on features you need and other factors, it can rise to nearly $50k. The best way to know the exact price is to contact an RV dealer and discuss price details with them.

These are some of the specifications of the 2022 Cruiser Radiance Ultra Lite 21RB. If you are looking to get into the RV lifestyle or if you’re already enjoying it, then you need to check this vehicle out yourself. It is one of the best in the business and will get you the comfort and luxury aspect you look for in a recreational vehicle.

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