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Stacking Up On Stimulants

Known as N-Phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, Noopept, it is one of top choices among nootropic users because of its ability to produce innumerable advantages that includes improved memory power, ability to concentrate, focus and excellent cognitive function.  Its history dates all the way back to 1970s in Russia where it was originally developed as a smart drug or cognitive enhancer. Today, it is an accepted and prescribed drug in Russia.


A nootropic by its very definition is that which acts as a cognitive enhancer and memory enhancers including intelligence enhancers since they are like functional foods, which serve the purpose of performing additional roles related to prevention of disease or improvement of one’s health. It is also known as a smart drug because of its brain stimulating and protecting role, hence the term neuroprotector too. You can also refer to them as supplements or neutraceuticals to mean that which is derived from nutrition and pharmaceuticals.

Research indicates that in animals, the drug is known to address poor oxygen levels by releasing oxygen to the brain and in the process, bring back memory loss. It is also known to treat other disorders related to irregular sleeping patterns and associated conditions, mood swings including irrational behaviour.

There are many nootropics available in the market today, but because of the drug’s ability to provide higher positive benefits, it enjoys worldwide popularity. Depending on the country you plan to purchase it, the supplement can be bought orally for 10 milligrams or in the powder form. It is considered legal in the United States where you can buy it online or across the counter. The effects of the smart drug are best experienced when consumed on empty stomach. You can take smaller dosage at intervals since the drug effects are short term. You can get more about this in http://nootropicsreview.org/noopept-choline/.When compared to other racetam drugs included Piracetam, it is considered to have a much stronger effect, almost 1000 times more than the others in the market.

The Best Combinations For The Greatest Benefit

Among nootropics, a common and well known is the use of Noopept and Choline. As already demonstrated in the previous discussions, the former is known for its improved memory and concentration levels, better learning capabilities, and in some users, it is found to have increased their ability to interpret their surroundings better through their senses. It is known to be used for treating spinal injuries and

Choline, which is usually associated with B-complex vitamins, is a water-soluble nutrient is known to perform similar functions as well. Interestingly, while animals require this as part of their diet for their health, that is not the case with human beings unless there is some deficiency.So you can imagine the benefits when you combine the two. The side effects are minimal compared to the vast array of positive experience they offer. In students, the combination is believed to offer the benefits of Longer and better concentration, lower levels of anxiety, better emotional stability and ability to work their memory.

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