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Meet The Expert Financial Advisor In Boston

David Barcomb is the Senior Financial Advisor and Managing Director, Wealth Management at the Greater Boston Area based American Corporate Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Inc. The company’s specialization area is offering exclusive range of customized Financial Services and Consultancy to its valued clients. He has been associated with the Barcomb Group for more than 20 years and has served in different senior positions of this wealth management company since 2002. In 2013, he has been offered the valued chair of Managing Director in Merrill Lynch.

Expert Financial Advisor In Boston

David leads a group of seven top executives who are just under him in the management hierarchy in order to provide specialist services on custom-based investment planning as well as asset management strategies. The company is equipped with top skilled knowledgeable staff as well as industry expert professionals to assist David Barcomb in planning, preparing and providing personalized consultancy services to its client base. Backed by a brilliant performance track record, Merrill Lynch Group aims to be the nation’s largest financial services and advisory company in the US in forthcoming days.

Subsequent to completion of his Bachelor’s Degree with major in Economics, Political Science and History from the world renowned Trinity University in 1989, David kicked off his professional career life. He is still to be in the Alumni Network and very popular to the forum associates of Trinity College, Hartford CT.  He joined as the senior executive and then became the Senior Vice President at Smith Barney. Subsequently, David Barcomb joined USB Global Wealth Management Company as its Senior VP in Dec 1993 and worked there till Dec 2002.

After leaving USB his destination was Merrill Lynch & Company Inc. He joined the group as a senior advisor of the group. The long time resident of Norwell, Mass, David is primarily focusing on Asset Management, Wealth Management and Estate Planning services while his clients include corporate business houses, nonprofit organizations, and cooperative societies to individuals like senior citizens or promising business entrepreneurs.

In a recent press meeting David Barcomb, Managing Director Merrill Lynch, states that he is quite happy of being outfitted with a knowledgeable and dedicated team of experts who help clients determine and pursue to their specific objectives effectively. No matter, whether it’s a corporate house looking for potential business areas to invest; an individual interested in investing toward healthcare services with a view to leave peacefully after retirement or its estate planning, everywhere David Barcomb and team is capable to offer comprehensive solutions. The community is committed to optimize customer satisfaction level by meeting their needs effectively and successfully.

With the innovative investment insights, Merrill Lynch is also associated with Bank of America in connection with high level financial consultancies. During the weekend and holidays, David remains busy in different activities relating to development of his community people. He is very much involved as a board of trustee member for the famous South Shore Hospital Charitable Foundation.

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