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The Importance of Safety Ladder Cage

Ladder Cage

Most of our homes and offices have ladders, but we never worry about the safety features when we use them. They have been taken for granted for years, and everyone who has been on it is quite comfortable. Unless, there is an accident, and someone falls or tips, we do not give it a thought about what can be done to make these safe to use.

The safety ladder cage might sound like an innovation, but it is not. Did you ever look at the ladder mounted on one side on the wall on the office, and wonder if it was ok to use it? To many ladders are simple; all they have is well-spaced side rails and rungs, and all you use them is to climb down or climb up. Simple isn’t it? Well, it might not be! 

The major concern when using a ladder is that people tend to overlook the “fall protection.” When you climb a ladder, you hold on to the rung on one side and look straight up when climbing. If you are using a ladder in a warehouse or an office, it might seem like a difficult climb and in no time, you will be about 20-30 feet from the ground. This means, one trip or fall can cost a person their life. This is when the use of a safety ladder cage becomes necessary. 

Does Every Ladder Need A Safety Ladder Cage?

Well, the need for a safety cage around the ladder is important when it is fixed and is more than 20 feet in length. As per the regulations, any fixed ladder, which is, more than 20 feet needs to have a protective cage. The safety ladder cage also needs to meet the safety and durability requirements. 

Requirements Of Safety Ladder 

The basic requirements one needs to keep in mind when installing a safety ladder cage are, 

  • The cages installed should be at least 42 inches from the land. This is also the basic requirement if you are planning to get a guardrail installed. 
  • As per the regulation, the cage should start at least 7 or 8 feet from the ground. This ensures that the person can easily walk into the cage, then climb onto the ladder, and avoid being hit when entering. 

What Are The Other Safety Precautions One Can Take In Regards Of Ladder?

Apart from installing a safety ladder cage, some of the simple factors you can keep in mind are:

  • Choose the right ladder based on the job
  • Make sure to inspect the ladder often. It is advised to do it before and after every use
  • Take help when heavy ladders need to be moved from one place to another
  • For fixed ladders, make sure they are anti-slip, and the railings provide a good grip to the user
  • Install warning signs or have security placed at the base
  • For taller ladders, make sure the workers are trained well, and a proper safety cage is installed.

Why Do We Need A Safety Ladder Cage In The First Place?

While accidents caused due to ladder use can be avoided, it might not happen in every case. A safety ladder cage help protect workers from hazards like,

  • Trips and falls from the ladders
  • Getting hit by the materials that accidentally fall off the ladder
  • Getting in contact with equipment
  • MSDs 

Now that you know the importance of using a safety ladder cage, make sure you get one installed and it should be of the best quality.  

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