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Ways To Secure An Event Venue At A Short Notice

Preparing for an event in a short notice is probably the biggest challenge faced by event organizers, since they only have a few days to make such projects a success. It is never easy to organize an activity with only a short amount of prep time, and there are a lot of instances where event planners already refuse clients who seek their services due to the limited amount of time for them to do the job.

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Organizing events after sudden planning is pretty common. Unlike events which were planned ahead however, sudden events cost more in terms of money and effort. You may end up spending double on a small party just because you had to pay higher costs for the venue, or save significant amount of cash on venue costs because you planned ahead and were able to secure an early bird discount.

But there are tricks to secure an event venue that is due to be held within a short period of time, and these include:

  1. Prepare a list of event venues that you can trust.

When you are tasked to organize and event, the first thing to do is to get the directory and scout for venues that you can immediately check out. You may want to seek the help of your friends for contacts, so that you are able to the right person who can provide you with a venue suitable for your event’s needs.

You need not stick to one venue; it is best that you come up with a list of at least five potential venues that you can work with in terms of organizing your event. Having a list also allows you to compare rates and choose the one that offers the best deal.

  1. Prepare your funds.

The costs of venue rental in Singapore vary depending on various factors-such as time, headcount, facilities needed for the event, etc. These costs also increase during certain seasons of the year, such as summer and holidays, and these should be realized as well prior to hosting the event.

Hence, when you are planning to organize an event, then you should prepare your money beforehand. You not only secure the necessary funds for the expenses you are about to spend on, but having the cash upfront allows you to secure venues and amenities that are only available when paid upfront.

  1. Scale.

Putting things to scale is also an important aspect when organizing an event within a short notice. When you plan late,  the more you feel celebrating grand and all out, and at the end of the day you feel tired, exhausted, and broke.

However, if you put things to scale, then the better you see how the event will run through. Scaling gives you a picture of your event, the people attending, and if your target venue can properly accommodate the space once it is occupied by the guests.

By scaling you may also find venues that are just right for your target headcount and are at the same time available for use on your event date.

  1. Who should you invite?

Sometimes venue rental in Singapore has special discounts during holidays and other occasions. You may secure discounts for big or small number of guests, although you may have to discuss this with your supervisor.

If you are hosting a small but intimate event, then you may want to invite only a small number of guests, such as family and close friends, as a bigger floor space will only make a big venue look unfulfilled. On the other hand, if you are staging a concert, then you may want to secure a bigger outdoor floor space that is able to accommodate more than a bigger number of guests.

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