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Why Is A Female Gynecologist Important?

female gynecologist

Gynecologists are experts in the female reproductive system and then can go on to rectify and provide the necessary course of action when it comes to any form of gynecological problems. It does save a lot of time along with a headache in this regard. Any decision will have a considerable impact on whether you opt for a male or female gynecologist in Nerul Navi Mumbai.

The main choice is between a male or a female gynecologist as you need to be comfortable during your medical examinations as far as possible. When you make this choice, you need to understand what are the advantages which are associated with both of them. No doubts to the fact that gynecologists of both the sexes are competent and caring for patients, but when you choose one do a background check and see whether you get any suitable reference from anyone. This could be in the form of your relatives or near or dear ones who have gone on to avail their services in the recent past. Now let us consider the advantages which a female gynecologist present when you compare it to a male one

  • The entire process of physical examination tends to be much easier when you are in the company of a female gynecologist in Navi Mumbai Vashi. They do not feel comfortable in exposing their private parts to a male doctor even if they are in the medical profession. On the other hand, women who have had a history of sexual abuse in the past tend to be more comfortable when they are in the company of female gynecologists
  • The trend is that women doctors tend to spend more time with the patients. It is indeed important that the doctor you visit goes on to hear each and every problem that you have. It is of importance that when you visit a gynecologist, you are bound to have some queries, and they need to be answered in detail. If you find that the answers do not satisfy you, then it is the right time to look for another doctor. Yes, female doctors go on to spend more time with their patients, and once again this happens to be a subjective evaluation, and this tends to depend from doctor to doctor.
  • It is assumed that female doctors have more empathy to gynecological problems which is hardly a matter of surprise. The reason for it is that they tend to have the same organs and might have gone through the same set of pains, and they would have been in such situations before. This can give an insight into the mindset of the patient and what are they experiencing. It is indeed a matter of comfort that someone who understands you better is treating you.

The female doctors are gentler during the examinations. This stage is very uncomfortable, and when a doctor conducts an investigation, she tends to do so in a tender stage, and she was very much part of an examination at an earlier point in time. She will understand the fact of how it feels to be lying naked under the careful eyes of a doctor.

The most important point is that you can discuss all your problems without any fear or tension with a gynecologist and feel comfortable with her.

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