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A Complete Guide to the Tattoo Pricing List

Tattoos are now a part of the lifestyle industry worldwide irrespective of the individual’s socio-economic background and per capita income. People are interested ingetting inked in some distinct styles to become trendy in the fashion quotient.

Several studios are coming up one by one in the different cities across the world to offer quality services to the clients and serving them as per their requirements. Everyone interested in getting a new tattoo for the first time must know about the pricing in detail and other factors required for getting inked.

What Constitutes the Pricing of the Inking Procedure?

The price of the inking process gets constituted with various factors and matters, personal and professional. A branded studio will take more charge for the same tattoo, which you will get at a much lower price at the local studios. But the question of quality remains a concern as you cannot compromise with the quality of the tattoo and its ingredients like ink, needle, aftercare, safety, and all. Some of these factors that you should keep in mind are-


The most important part of the inking process is an artist. If you are looking to get inked safely and with your choice of design securely, what you need most is an acclaimed artist who knows to craft the tattoo on your skin. Being the most important factor in the process of inking, an artist costs you a lot.

Ink and Other Accessories 

The best quality ink will cost you a good pinch, and you cannot deny the fact. As the tattoo is a permanent art form, you cannot compromise on the ink quality as it can affect your skin or damage it permanently. All the accessories required for the inking also must be of quality and hygienic to use.


The designs or genre of tattoo you choose directly add value to your pricing. Some trivial art can take more hours to get into shape,which leads to more charges to the studio and the artist. If you wanta customized tattoo in Chiang Mai, the charges remain on the higher side. For color tattoos, too, pricing is different than one color tattoos.


You have to freedom to choose the place in your body where you want to get tattooed. But the fact is some places are crucial and sensitive, and artists require more skills and concentration to craft the tattoo safely. This naturally makes the tattoo more valuable.


If you are willing to get a cosmetic tattoo instead of a permanent one, the studio will offer you the same at the best price. But crafting a tattoo at the eyebrow or eyeliner is quite tricky,which is why makeup tattoo cost is higher.

When you start planning to get a tattoo, you must start planning and researching how much for a tattoo in Thailand can cost. Depending on your preferences and market pricing, you have to make a choice and get inked.

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