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Monsoon Fashion Tips For Men

The enchanting scent of the earth combined with rain signifies that the monsoon is here. The beautiful weather calls for some special changes in how and what one wears. Not much unlike that of women, men’s wardrobes too see a shift in the kind of contents that they host. Listed below are a few monsoon fashion tips for men, so that they can step out in style albeit, with appropriate rain gear:-

fashion for mens

  • Bull denims

Who said that the monsoon means stepping out in ugly, easily washable clothes? Agreed that it is unwise to wear regular denims, but how about bull denims? Made up of cotton wool fabric, it is soft and easy to dry. Stretch denims are another option to opt for in the wet monsoon. These and many more fashionable outfits are available online and for amazing prices using paytm discount coupon.

  • Look sauve trendy trench coats

Shielding oneself from the rain is crucial unless you’re looking to catch a cold for whatever reason. There are various trendy trench coats available in the market for men that not only protect them from the unyielding rain but also make them look suave and smart without compromising on fashion.

  • Complement with colours

Splash some colour, complement the greens around with groovy looking, colorful t-shirts. Sport them with the bull denims and greet the rains with panache.

  • Crop your hair short

It is a well known fact that men value their hair more than anything else, sports cars included. However, it is a good idea to crop your hair short for the season as it makes it easy to maintain the health of the damp hair. Change to an anti- dandruff shampoo to prevent those pesky little white flakes from appearing on your head and shoulders.

  • Take care of your skin

Cloudy with a chance of rain does not mean that you don’t apply sunscreen when stepping out. The harmful radiation can penetrate your skin even during monsoon. Taking care of your health and skin is not any less important during this season.

  • Pair up cool t-shirt with capris

Capris are a good choice when it planning to walk during the rains. Pair it up with a cool t-shirt and closed crocs for a young look.

  • Sport bright coloured umbrella

Gone are the days when men were seen with only black colored umbrellas. The times are changing and with them men’s fashion trends. Sport a bright colored umbrella with flamboyance and see the heads turn in awe.

  • Pants with printed linings

When walking along a road with puddles, it is only wise to want to fold up your jeans and shirts… but making them look fashionable? Well, simply opt for a pair of pants that have a printed lining so that when you fold them, they look cool and not something that the fashion police will love fining you for. Same goes for shirts with cuffs.

The season is a great to bring some much needed change in your fashion statement. Right from the shoes to your hair, every aspect of your style statement can be modified to suit the rain- lashed environment.

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