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A Day Of Wilderness Is A Day Well Spent: At Worlds Of Wonder

Worlds of Wonder (WOW), throned in the heart of Noida, Delhi stands out among all other adventure parks in Delhi and NCR. It is a perfect kaleidoscope of adventure, leisure, bliss and laughters.

A Day Of Wilderness Is A Day Well Spent

While it is so difficult to fritter away your invaluable time in this industrious life, it is quite frugal to take a day out and visit this amazing, fun-soaked amusement park. The good thing is, it caters to your yearning of visiting a far-away place in the country for a quality time with friends and family, with just a few bucks from your wallet! After all, a break from this back-breaking mundane life is what we all need for a rejuvenating experience.

WOW is cropped with numerous rides, which are bound to give you an adrenaline rush! All you need to do is, stuff up loads of courage in your hearts, and fasten the seat belts of the creme de la creme rides, adorned here. From Turbo Tunnel, Free Fall, Boomerango, Raft Ride, Rip Curl to Big Beat, Fast Forward, Rocking Roller and Rip Tide, all rides are there to let you bask in immense joy and gaiety. You just name it, and they have it!

If you don’t really have a heart of a lion, don’t worry. WOW has something for everyone. There is a special arena for children and all the feeble-hearted, where not-so-speedy or dangerous rides are there, which makes it a perfect place to visit with family!

Some other perks of WOW are Go Karting, Rain Dance, Splash Safari and Chart Smashers.

However, the USP of this multispeciality park is the World of Wonder Water Park. Summers are the time, when people sought respite in the hill stations. But, every time it’s not feasible to make way to the faraway hill stations of the Himalayas. Well, beat the scorching heat of summers with the WOW water park. Embellished with a plethora of water rides, including even the international ones, WOW becomes the epitome of heart-brimming joy. So, you get to have a beach-experience or a rafting sport by staying in Delhi itself. The water park is flooded with all kinds of souls, be it lovers, children, adults or the oldies. Must give them a try.

As said before, WOW has something in store for everyone; if you are far from the hustle and bustle of adventure and wish to float in serenity of nature, there is a long lazy river, where you can paddle the boat with your partner or take a tube. Again, an amazing place to relax in.

And you don’t have to worry about satiating your bellies. WOW also has a number of eateries, which offer hygienic and delectable dishes. The Pool Bar is another speciality of the place, where one can have a sip of refreshing drinks and delicious snacks.

So, take a break from your mundane lives and have a treat for your souls for a wow experience in WOW!




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