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An Overview Of Contact Grills

To many people, fixing food on the grill is one of the best things about summer. Grilling gives food a new, delicious taste and a healthier option for many dishes. When weather or living arrangements don’t permit for outdoor grilling, contact grills are a good substitute. The key to getting the most convenient option is to choose one of the best contact grills for your money. That means understanding what makes one grill better than another and the brands that have proven to be the most reliable.

best contact grills

Features That Set the best contact grills Apart from the Rest

  • Grilling Ability
  • Functions
  • Ease-Of-Use
  • Quality of Construction
  • Safety

Grilling Ability

As important as grilling ability is to the choice of your contact grill, it isn’t something you can evaluate by reading the features on the box. What will work is to read real reviews by real customers who have already tried a model that you are interested in. Don’t judge by a single raving review. Only those that many people agree on are likely to be the best contact grills on a number of levels. The maximum temperature of the grill will also contribute to its overall ability to grill certain types of foods such as steaks.

Functions and Ease-of-Use

These features often go hand-in-hand. Features like removable grilling plates make it easier to clean up, especially if they are dishwasher safe. Some contact grills have a waffle function and others have a griddle plate. An adjustable top plate lets you get the degree of heat you want for different foods. Think about the types of foods you want to be able cook on your contact grill and you can find the one with the best features for your needs.

Quality of Construction

The quality of the grill is even more important when it is a portable style that will be moved frequently. This is another area where online reviews can be really helpful. A sure way to find a problem area is by reading about other people’s experiences. Look for details about the overall construction and how it holds up over time as well as the pieces and performance that will have an impact on the grill’s ability to cook. For example, do non-stick grill plates maintain their finish over time or do foods begin sticking on them after only a few uses?


A number of factors contribute to the safety of a grill including those listed above. A sturdy build and performing as it is supposed to will help prevent accidents from occurring. Another important safety feature is the owner’s manual. It contains the information you need to operate the grill safely and which conditions you should operate it under.

When you purchase a grill that is meant for either indoor or outdoor use, make sure you limit it to those conditions. The best contact grills for outdoors can be dangerous when used inside and those made for indoor use are not constructed to withstand outdoor conditions. Always follow electric codes, use long-handled utensils and wear safe clothing when you grill to make every grilling experience a safe one.

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