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An Overview Of The Most Important Factors Of Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket

Like any other game, even fantasy cricket has some rules that one needs to follow while playing it. If you are new to fantasy cricket, it is imperative to know the rules as these will help you in playing better and winning the game. Having said that, let’s look at some of the fantasy cricket rules that every player must be aware of.

Basic Rules

One Account

Every individual should have only one account to play fantasy cricket. The purpose behind creating the rule is to reduce any chances of cheating in the game. If every player has only one account, it creates a kind of balance and increases the chances of other players to win the game.

Creating Team

Every registered player has to select 11 players for the team. As there’s no specific rule to follow in players’ selection, you can choose players based on your strategy or personal preference. However, you can select only three players from one club. You should have a minimum of four batsmen, one all-rounder, one wicketkeeper, and two bowlers in the team. Also, you have to select two substitutes for the game.

Introducing Changes in Team

Players are free to make changes in the team before the start of the game. However, no changes can be made after the game has started.

Deciding Roles

When selecting a player, it is important to mention their roles and responsibilities. This way, it is ensured that a balance is maintained in the team.

Making Multiple Teams

If you want to have multiple teams, you can submit up to four teams for every event. This event could be a match or a round.

Rules in the Game

  • You can change the bowling and batting orders of the players
  • The super substitutes can be used after to beat other users
  • To win the fantasy match, the batsmen in your team should score maximum runs in batting innings, and bowlers should take ten wickets or give fewer runs in bowling innings.
  • When playing T20, the batting innings will end at 20 overs and any run scored after 120 balls will not be added to a total of batting innings. Similarly, bowling innings will end after 20 overs are bowled, or the team has taken ten wickets.
  • In T20, if players don’t take ten wickets or bowling is done for less than 20 overs, 12 penalty runs are automatically added to the total of bowling innings for every over that was missed. If the match is an ODI, 50 overs rules are applied, and seven penalty runs are added for every over that’s missed.
  • Only two substitutes can be used to replace two players in the team of 11 players. This can be done after the live match is over.
  • To use the substitutes, you have to access the scorecard.
  • If the substitute didn’t play in the live match, you can not use it.
  • There are multiple leagues in each match that members can join to compete with one another for rewards and prizes.
  • The ranking in the league is calculated based on the total runs scored by the team. Higher the runs, greater the chances of winning the league.

Final Words

Irrespective of whether it is a fantasy or real-time match, it should be played as per the rules. The rules in fantasy cricket are simple to understand and adhere to so that every player enjoys being a part of the game. When registering on a website for fantasy cricket league, make sure that you go through each and every rule to avoid any sort of confusion or lower your chances of losing the match.

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