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Few Useful Tips To Know Before You Get On A Surfing Board

Surfing is a sheer blend of fun and excitement. Many people simply choose surfing to relax after a hideous session in office. Though the water sport is full of risk but the daring souls are always ready to float in the waves. There’s no such rule unless or until you are participating in a competition. So if you want to enjoy this water sport make sure that you are competent enough to catch the tides on your surfboard. Here is a few surfing tips for those who have newly joined a surfing group.


1.Like any other sports, it also requires physical fitness to move fast in the heavy water flow. With any complication or pain in the muscle, one should not try surfing. It is always better to play with your full energy. You need to know your strength and weakness when you are in the sea. Many surfers can easily tackle big waves but you may not be like them. If you are comfortable with small waves, stick to that. However, who take surfing more than a hobby, always have a knack to improve their skill. In that case, you need to have a proper training to reduce the chance of any mishap.

2.If you are newly introduced to the surfing board start practising for a short period. Master specific movements which are essential to learn and perform them for at least 20 minutes a day. Enjoy your surfing session and later unwind yourself on the beach. There are some reflection and re-hydration techniques often practised by the experienced surfers to improve their competitive fitness. Bill Schoellkopf, the occasional surfer shares some useful videos which you can follow to improve your agility.

3.To enjoy surfing with your friends or other fellow surfers, you need to improve your paddling skill.  So when you are just practising it, try to improve your speed. Remember, you need to come out of your comfort zone to experience the thrill of surfing. Face such big waves that may turn your direction. Keep practising and get trained to handle it. All you need to do is to keep your focus on the wave with still head and body  while the power will come from your arms with each stroke. Your fast move will lead you to a safe position.

4) Flexibility matters a lot in surfing. To practice big moves you need to get the same flow and rhythm of the waves in your body. All that can be achieved when you head for the gym on a regular basis. It will help you to increase your stability,strong muscle and boost up your energy level. That’s why all professional surfers are the fitness freak.

Get ready on your surfing board when you are physically strong. According to Bill Schoellkopf, the known surfer in Miami, keeping your body hydrated is very important but that doesn’t allow you to drink alcohol to balance the water level in your body. Drink a lot of plain water but the alcoholic drink is strictly prohibited when you are in a surfing spree.

Author Bio: Bill Schoellkopf is a surfer from Miami who enjoys being on the water. Like any other water sports, surfing is also his hobby as it works as a stress buster for him.


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