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Reflecting On The Last Race Of The American Pharoah

American Pharaoh is undoubtedly the most talked about horse this season. The big race of the American Breeder’s Classic is due on Oct 31st and all eyes are set on the American Pharaoh. This is perhaps one of those times when you don’t need much horse racing tips as you can safely put your money on this horse. Most of the people are expecting him to win and the experts are predicting the same. According to most of the people who regularly bet on horses, American Pharaoh is the definite winner of the race to be held on October 31st.

American pharao

  • What the owners and trainer have to say?

During an evening press conference and charity event, the owners and the trainer of American pharaoh said that this time they want him to win for himself. They clarified further by saying that when he raced in the American Triple Crown, they wanted him to win for the good of the sport but since the horse is to retire after this season, this time they want it for him so that he can bid farewell to racing on a high note. The trainer of the horse also said that this is certainly going to be an emotional race for everyone involved in the training and breeding of the horse.

  • Jockey Victor Espinoza gets emotional during the event:

During the event, jockey Victor Espinoza, shared his emotions and said that he has bonded with the horse and since this is going to be his last run, he is finding it hard to say good bye. He said that during his career he has witnessed both loses and wins but the Triple Crown victory was a special one for him. He also said that he remembers the time when the horse didn’t met the expectations on his debut but in his heart he knew that the horse had it in him to make it big.

  • American Pharaoh has a proven track record:

American Pharaoh is well known as a champion horse throughout the world. Fathered by another world famous race horse “The Pioneer of the Nile”, American Pharaoh was bred for racing. He is the only horse to win the Triple Crown since 1978 and is amongst the only 12 horses in the entire history of the sport that have achieved this milestone. The horse is in great shape and is expected to shatter all records this season.

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