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Keep Your Structures Safe By Using Stainless Steel Bars

The use of reinforcing structures has been a very popular intention; this simple method helps to preserve the building for much longer periods and also keeps it stable as well as more resistant to natural disasters like earthquakes, etc. Stainless steel bars have been in use for a very long period of time and are used in construction of houses to even the construction of bridges; in fact, modern suspension bridges use various stainless steel bars to form a cable which is then installed on the bridge. With such an enormous amount of applications, no wonder there are many types of stainless steel bars to choose from. 

stainless steel bar

Choose the right bar for the right situation 

There are stainless steel bars made from different alloys with the most popular being the bars which have been alloyed with Molybdenum that are most widely used bars in several high profile infrastructure projects. The popularity of the bar arises from that of its composition in the alloy that makes it resistant to intense weathering conditions and corrosion which makes it the choice metal for contractors. There are several metal testing done by various countries which require a certain standard for the steel bars that are used in the construction with the highest preference going to the molybdenum alloyed stainless steel bars.

There are several other uses for stainless steel bars in the following mentioned industries:-

  • Oil and Gas
  • Transportation
  • Chemical and Petrochemical processing
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Valve fittings
  • Fasteners and other components

The stainless steel bars have a grading system assigned to them by industry benchmarks which highlight their area of usefulness as differentiated from industry to industry, it has several different applications in different environments, but the basic feature of being able to resist corrosion to a great extent while also preventing contamination and standing up to other elements proves its worth in its usage.

One of the grades classifies the stainless steel bar to be used in machines which normally are of very high performance and volume; they are also often used in screw components and they are supposed to be built in a manner as to take on the brutal conditions of the machine for a prolonged period of time. Such machine normally exists in the manufacturing companies which require high strength steel bars in their machines to carry out the process smoothly and effectively.

The industry standard grade of 254 SMO is a very high one as it is assigned only to metals with a very high amount of lifespan, i.e. over 20 years of usage while being exposed to the elements at all times. The stainless steel bars in this category are normally used in large scale infrastructure projects like the construction of bridges over rivers and seas. The high resistance against corrosion and the ability to withstand environments which are very high in chloride makes it the ideal choice in the industry’s usage.

There are even cheaper options of stainless steel bars for smaller scale projects which are not typically of a major benefit but should not be such that it may be of danger to life, the selection of the bar depends upon standards which differ from country to country and so the use of bar must be properly known by the customer who should make the purchase from a reputed manufacturer with a proper track record in order to avoid any kinds of incident which may end up in loss of life and constant maintenance and repairs.

The above mentioned factors will help you make a good decision. Let’s go to the details for more information about other stainless steel products.

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