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Developing RYA Competent Crews Through Comprehensive Course

Sailing is a delightful experience, filled with thrill and adventure. People who are passionate about this activity can tell you how exciting and fun it is to be in the open sea. If you are zealous about sailing and want to learn basic sailing skills, then RYA Competent Crew course is ideal for you. Anyone who has done sailing can tell you the number of responsibilities you can undertake onboard through which you can become an important part of the crew. This course prepares you to handle all such responsibilities efficiently and become an asset for the team.

developing RYA competent crews

A course designed for developing RYA competent crews, it helps to fulfil the needs of beginners who do not have any experience in sailing or those who want to take their skills further than just dinghy sailing. Even those who received sailing training or have crewing experience before, but would like to perfect their skills, can also enrol in this course.

During the course most of your time will be spent on the yacht, which will take you through many beautiful locations. This is a great opportunity for anyone who loves to travel, where he or she can explore different places and enrich his knowledge and experience. Another factor which makes RYA competent crew course so enriching is the experienced instructors. They are patient and reassuring when it comes to providing training and knowledge to the beginners. Their extensive experience and zeal to share it with others makes them a perfect resource to make the most of this training.

The structure of this course has been planned as such so that by the time the training is completed, you will gain the skills required to become a competent and skilled crew member. Some of the skills you will be proficient in include steering and handling sails, along with assisting the crew in other day to day activities. Basically, it teaches you the principles of how to become a good crew member. The course begins by making you aware of commonly used sea terms, as well as introducing various parts of yacht and sails. Then comes the part where the students are taught the skills of tying knots and sail handling.

Safety is one of the paramount concerns for people on board and the competent crew course includes complete training of ways through which a crew member can keep himself and other crew members safe. This training includes information regarding personal safety, taking fire precautions and handling emergency equipment.

The purpose behind offering such a course is to encourage learning in a relaxed and free environment; thus combining training with enjoyment. Enrolling in a competent crew course with a group of friends and family is sure to enhance the fun. However, even if you are a single traveller, you will have plenty of opportunities to make your experience enjoyable by meeting new people and making friends. An all inclusive course, it not only helps in developing RYA competent crews which are proficient and efficient, but also gives you an experience worth cherishing for a lifetime.

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