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Astrological Gemstones Improving Your Fortune

Astrological Gemstones

An astrological gemstone is a gem suggested by an astrologer based on Jyotish principles for success, wellness, fortune, and accomplishment of desires. They are considered as a source of new hope and energy to solve difficulties in life because of the unfavorable conditions of planets in one’s horoscope. Every gemstone is associated with a planet and works on the transmission of the wavelength of that planet. If a planet is weak in one’s horoscope then the particular gemstone must be worn by the person related to that planet for required energy and strength. 

Not all gems need to be astrological gemstones. Astrological gemstone has to excel in the cut, clarity, and carat weight and the crystal should be of exceptional luster. It should be natural with a fine colour. Gemstones are worn in some metals like gold, silver, etc. as it increases their energy. You can even buy Neelam stone, ruby stone, or pukhraj stone online these days. A gemstone is categorized based on its hardness, rarity, physical appearance, and durability. There are various types of gemstones:

  1. Precious gemstones: These stones are rare and costly. For example pukhraj, ruby(gem for the Sun), diamond (the hardest precious stone on the Earth), Neelam, Monga, Manik, sapphire (also known as safed /white pukhraj), emerald (symbol of revitalization and optimism), etc.
  2. Semi-precious gemstones: These gemstones are available in more quantity compared to precious gemstones. Tourmaline, zircon, white topaz, aquamarine, white quartz, peridot, blue topaz, turquoise, black star, iraniferoza stone, opal, moonstone, white coral, etc. come under the category of semi-precious gemstones.
  3. Triangular gemstones: There are only a few gemstones that are triangular like golden topaz, white quartz, green amethyst, green fluorite, rose quartz, smoky topaz, and green onyx.
  4. Cabochon gemstones: Some stones are shaped and polished to create a flat bottom with a convex top like opal, turquoise, or lapis which are soft. These stones are converted into a cabochon form. For example ruby cabochon, emerald cabochon, blue sapphire cabochon, etc.

All the gemstones are procured through the mining process and then are tested by an experienced gemologist. After getting approval, they undergo various processes for enhancing and polishing them to make them wearable because they do come in natural colours but not inaccurate shapes and sizes. It requires a lot of effort and time to obtain the gemstone. One should wear gemstones only after consulting a professional astrologer. For example, one can buy Neelam stone online but if you buy Neelam from the market, you can consult an astrologer or gemologist about Neelam being original as there are various types of fake gems available in the market which looks like original Neelam. 

Khanna Gems is a reputed and trusted brand for precious gemstones as they sell government-certified natural precious gemstones. They deal with precious and semi-precious gemstones of superior quality. Mr Pankaj Khanna, the owner of Khanna Gems has the experience of 30 years in this field and is well-known in the gem and diamond industry. He is one of the best astrologers and palmists. Not only common people, but big celebrities and people worldwide are also his clients. They offer both online and offline modes for purchasing their gemstones.

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