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The Magic of Bracelet and Allie’s Film Career

If you are one of those intensely waiting for a real entertaining family film to enjoy a weekend day with family why not fix a date with ‘Bracelet of Bordeaux’. If you’ve not seen the film, then it’ll be simply a remarkable experience for you as well your family members. Allie Fremin the teenage actress created quite a stir in the movie industry with her performance in the film. If you love family entertainment, then you must opt for watching this movie and experience the magic.


After seeing the movie, the major thing that will make you surprised is that it’s the very first film of Allie. ‘The Bracelet of Bordeaux’ is a story of two teen girls whose great courage and determination helped them overcome all hurdles to find out a big conspiracy and gang behind. One of them, Helen Hixon is a new comer in the city of Taxes with her parents. One day she incidentally met Marie Mire in tide-up stage in a broken down house.

On rescuing Meir, she told Hixons that a gang of people led by a bully called Dirk had been stolen Meir’s dog and they are involved in a crime. In order to solve the offence, punish offenders and administer peace and justice they took help of a magical bracelet. As you can enjoy nail biting excitement and encounter, your kids will learn the meaning of friendship and courage, and how being together and united can help combating crooked people.

Aside from being a thrilling story, there are a lot to learn from the film especially for children. In a word, this is an exclusive production of the famed director Casey Kelly where the major roles are played by Meryl Gibbs, Ansley Garner, Lucy Gabbard, Allie Fremin, and more. For teenage actress Allie Fremin, this is her first film where her acting skills was surely praiseworthy. And just by doing this one film, she has successfully won the hearts of millions of Americans. The most surprising part is Allie’s appearance in this film has been quite incidental.

The credit of introducing such a hidden talent to American movie lovers should go to the gentleman, a business person and best friend of Allie’s father. He took Allie’s father’s permission to make an ad film with her. Instead of opting for a professional model he liked the beauty as well, humble look of Allie whose body language , he believed would wonderfully convey the message to the global audience.

Eventually, Allie’s father allowed his friend to make the film. Allie Fremin was trained for a few days and then the miracle happened. Allie’s humble look but spirited ‘eyes’ had shaken the veteran film producer Casey Kelly who was searching for a special, but a new face. Though, Allie was very much desirous to enter in Hollywood movies, but such a co-incidence was beyond of all her imagination. Allie Fremin often says that her sudden coming and becoming victorious in industry has been possible by the magic of that ‘bracelet’.

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