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Caring For Your Hair During The Rainy Season

With the advent of the rainy season there is a breath of freshness and greenery all over the premises. It does pose to be a season for numerous hair problems as hair scalp and an itchy scalp poses a lot of issues encountered by most of us. Though the rainy season brings along with it a set of infections and it is all because of the levels of humidity as dirt and scalp are known to attract a host of dirt and polluted particles on to the hair. The use of dandruff treatment shampoo provides relief, but you can work on a host of measures you take care of your hair. Let us go through them as follows

Make sure the hair is dry

You could be tempted to get your hair is wet in a drizzle but rain water is acidic and dirty which poses to be bad for your hair. You need to keep your hair as much dry as possible till you are caught in a torrential downpour. In order to keep yourself clean and dry keep a raincoat and an umbrella handy with you.

Because of higher levels of humidity it is difficult to dry your hair.  Resort to the use of a hair dryer or a gentle towel.

To regular shampoo

Many are of the opinion that regular shampooing is bad for your hair, but in a rainy season it ceases to be just the opposite. To keep your hair, clean free from dirt make it a point that you regularly shampoo your hair. As you need to shampoo your hair on a regular basis stick to the use of ketomac dandruff treatment shampoo as it does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Oil massage

In the rainy season a good oil massage is essential for your hair. It does moisturize your hair that revitalizes dry strands. In fact deep conditioning is offered as it offers you the benefits of a regular spa. At the same time do not commit the mistake of over shampooing your hair as the natural oils in the hair are got rid of.

No point in tying up your hair

No point of tying up your hair during the rainy season as it allows the rainwater to hibernate in the hair giving it a dizzy feeling. In order to tie up your hair in the rainy season, opt for buns and even lose ponytails.

A routine to clean your hair

As the rainy season ends up adding a lot of dirt and dust to your scalp, one of the first things you need to clean your hair on a regular basis. Once you are caught in the downpour the main thing that you need to do is to wash your hair once you reach home. The content of rain water is loaded with acidic contents that could pave to numerous healths related problems in the form of dandruff, hair problem and even damage to your scalp and hair.

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