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Cool Summer Clothing

Summer is approaching and with it the warm weather, at least we hope, of course. Where do you usually in shorts and flip-flops to the beach goes, you often go in a suit to work. But how do you now that you stay cool in a suit while standing on the beach almost all of your towel drives the heat?


Choose a good fabric
This may sound obvious, but in a suit where multiple layers are worn over all this is extra important. The best is a light fabric that is well ventilated. Linen is a perfect fabric for summer: it is permeable to air and light to wear, even with multiple layers together. A small drawback of linen is that it creases rapidly, therefore, often mixed with linen or cotton wool. This added strength makes this combination very suitable for a suit.

The right color is also important
An important aspect to keep a cool head is to choose. Good color Dark colors like black, dark blue or brown heat to attract and keep it fixed. Light colors emit heat right away. It is therefore in the summer wise to wear a light color, a suit and that’s also fashionable in the summer. Light beige, white, yellow, light blue, pink and other bright cheerful colors make your outfit cool and nice summer.
Please note that many different colors together is a mess and that you do not. Course So when you accessorize with a striking color are going to wear, make sure that a large part of the outfit as the shirt has a quiet color, whether or not with a subtle pattern. This solid color provides the necessary balance.

Some extra tips
Are you going to wear a tie or bow tie? Wear this something looser than normal. This gives the opportunity to continue to the neck so that the rest of the body remains cooler. Cool You can include the tie also leave open the top button.
Do not wear too many layers. In winter, you probably wear the shirt under a shirt or shirt. This additional layer can ensure that the outfit is too hot.
You can wear a shirt without sleeves if you’re really hot. It is then necessary to keep as it is indecent to bare arms can be seen in a suit. Jacket of the suit

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